Why Toronto venues LOVE when you hire a wedding planner

Why Toronto venues LOVE when you hire a wedding planner Advice from some of the best wedding venues in Toronto   We asked staff from some of the best wedding venues in Toronto them why they love when couples hire a wedding planner. What specific aspects of the event or coordination tend to benefit or […]

Why Toronto venues LOVE when you hire a wedding planner

Advice from some of the best wedding venues in Toronto


We asked staff from some of the best wedding venues in Toronto them why they love when couples hire a wedding planner. What specific aspects of the event or coordination tend to benefit or become more efficient?  Here’s what they had to share:

toronto wedding venue canoe
Image provided by Canoe


“When couples hire a wedding planner, one of the biggest highlights for the venue is the enhanced décor and design.  Planners often change the way our spaces look, and we get to see some really creative and innovative weddings.  Another added value that a planner brings is attention to the intricate details, like designing the welcome table just as the bride and groom have hoped for and setting the escort cards and favours down to ensure each place setting is perfect.

A wedding planner can also act as a liaison on behalf of the bride and groom to the venue on the night of the wedding, leaving the bride and groom to relax knowing all details have been communicated.  From an organizational perspective, planners are able to provide brides and grooms with templates for event elements, like table charts, allergy lists, and agendas and I find these are very helpful for busy couples that are planning their first event!  This is also helpful for the venue, as the information tends to be more systematic.”

Natalie Ho, Event Sales Manager
Oliver & Bonacini Events and Catering

Image provided by Art Gallery of Ontario

AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario

“One of the many advantages when couples hire a wedding planner are the special touches they can add to an event that makes a wedding go from great to amazing.  A wedding planner serves as your creative partner, not just overseeing event logistics, but also providing ideas, insights, opinions and more.  From helping to create personalized menus to envisioning and working on designs for custom decor, a planner can play an important role in elevating an event to the next level.  In our experience, wedding planners are a great resource to help ensure that we bring the couple’s vision for their special day to life.

Beth Bruno, Sales & Events Manager
AGO – Art Gallery of Ontario

Toronto wedding venues: The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto
Image provided by The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

“Communication, coordination and ensuring all the myriad of wedding details are addressed in a timely fashion are the three main reasons for hiring a wedding planner. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that a dedicated individual “has your back” throughout the entire process – leaving you free to enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event with family and friends when the big day finally arrives.”

Heather Jonasson, Catering Sales Manager
The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto

toronto wedding venue McMichael Canadian Art Gallery
Image provided by McMichael Canadian Art Collection

McMichael Canadian Art Collection

“Wedding planners know the details of the wedding better than I do in terms of décor/overall vision of the couple.  As my job entails the basic set-up—chairs and tables—I am not involved in the couple’s décor choices and personal touches.  When couples hire a wedding planner they have someone who is totally dedicated to ensuring that everything is done the way the couple envisions.  Even without a wedding planner, we always ask the couple to assign someone to come in and look at the setup to make sure everything is done as they planned.

Wedding planners also help keep the wedding running on schedule, with the bridal party and family being at the right place, at the right time.  As I leave at 6 pm, I am unable to ensure that the bride is walking down the aisle at the right time, the bridesmaids are spaced out properly going up the aisle, or the cake cutting ceremony is on schedule.

I enjoy working with wedding planners because they are efficient and make sure that everything is done, which alleviates the pressure on me.  This way I just focus on what needs to get done from our end.  The best wedding planners are the ones that can work easily with the venue coordinators and can compromise on the things that will or cannot work in our venue.”

Danielle Oliver, Event Logistics Coordinator
McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Toronto wedding reception venue The Drake Hotel
Image provided by The Drake Hotel

The Drake Hotel

“It’s nice when couples hire a wedding planner to be on site during the ceremony as a wedding coordinator has a detailed itinerary for the day that has been created with the wedding couple.  This ensures a very smooth flow and structured timing for the event.  There is so much excitement for brides and grooms that this relieves a lot of pressure – just removing a large portion of responsibility!  Couples can enjoy their special day while leaving guest experience in the hands of a professional.  Having a point person working the ceremony allows for seamless flow into the reception, allowing the venue to do what they do best – provide outstanding service and hospitality.”

Kathleen Johanson, Wedding Coordinator
Drake Hotel Properties

Image provided by Distillery Events

Distillery Events

“Keeping a live performance starting and ending on time is just as important as keeping special events on time, especially weddings. Having an experienced wedding planner involved on the day of your wedding ensures that all the key aspects of your big day run smoothly and ultimately, you are relaxed and can enjoy your wedding with your partner.

Specific aspects such as ceremonies, speeches, food service during the reception, musical queues, first dances, and guest departure become more efficient and seamless with an experienced planner. A good wedding planner should be hands-on, leaves no detail left to question and knows how to manage time effectively.”

Kristy Dennison, Events & Sales Manager
Distillery Events

Image provided by Ontario Heritage Trusts


Ontario Heritage Trusts

“Couples are often very busy with their careers.  What I like the most about when couples hire a wedding planner is their ability to answer my questions quickly and keep track of all required permits and documents.  They also provide a detailed event schedule and a floor plan that can be reviewed ahead of time.  It really helps to make sure we have all the information needed.”

Carole Choucoutou, Wedding and Special Event Coordinator
Ontario Heritage Trusts

Toronto wedding reception venue - Liberty Grand
Image provided by Liberty Grand

Liberty Grand

“Having an experienced, professional wedding planner involved in a client’s wedding day is always best for the perfect execution of any client’s wedding reception. With the right wedding planner on board, there is a single go-to person for the venue and caterer to quickly and effectively resolve the many items which need addressing the day of a wedding.

Skilled wedding planners allow the venue and the caterer to focus on their significant and important responsibilities without becoming distracted by all of the other moving parts of any client’s wedding day. Next to ensuring that the schedule and itinerary for the day and evening goes according to plan, a wedding planner is great for ensuring that all of the suppliers involved in the wedding are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be, and that their product and services are just as the client requested.

Nick Di Donato, President and CEO
Liberty Entertainment Group


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