Are any of these items missing from your wedding planning checklist? (part 2)

Are any of these items missing from your wedding planning checklist? (part 2) Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver When it comes to your wedding planning checklist, unless you’re a professional wedding planner it’s almost impossible not to overlook something. We asked some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver […]

wedding planning checklist vancouver wedding plannersAre any of these items missing from your wedding planning checklist? (part 2)

Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver

When it comes to your wedding planning checklist, unless you’re a professional wedding planner it’s almost impossible not to overlook something. We asked some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver for advice on items that are often missed by couples planning their wedding.

Image provided by Petite Pearl Events

“This is not something that is overlooked on the wedding planning checklist but something that is not realized by couples until the end of their wedding day arrives: the day truly goes by in the blink of an eye, so appreciate every little moment.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jessica from Petite Pearl Events


Vancouver wedding planner Kaily Michelle Events View More:
Image provided by Kailey Michelle Events

“While it’s tempting to get swept up in the fuss of everything – all it will take to make the day happen – I urge brides to take a deep breath and consider these important truths….

Take your hands off the steering wheel and trust those you’ve left in charge. Your day will be over before you know it and will happen like a flash, so take time to physically stop and savour the present moment: the people, the sounds, the sensations of how you’re feeling. These here are your memories in the making!

Most importantly, be aware that no wedding goes off without a hitch. I know, I know. You’re shocked I even said that and are re-reading to ensure you heard me right. But indeed, almost always things go wrong, be them small and insignificant or sometimes large and rather grieving.

But know this: at the end of the day, no glitch can touch the true heart of your wedding day; each other, your friends and family, and the marriage waiting on the other side of the “I do.” Be determined to give thanks and stay focused on the things that truly matter, both now and in fifty years.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Kailey-Michelle from Kailey Michelle Events


vancouver wedding planner DreamGroup Productions
Image provided by DreamGroup Productions

“Allow yourself the gift of proper time management. People often think that if they put a time that something needs to happen on paper that it will, but if the timing was never possible it will throw off the entire day and create a domino effect of delays. Plan out the timing of the day properly. Ask your vendors if your timing is achievable and realistic. Involve the professionals. Don’t be a know-it-all. That’s our job! LOL”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Genève from DreamGroup Productions


Image provided by Elysium Events

“Individual group photos with family and friends. More often than not, couples will want various combinations of group photos with their family and friends. They might assume that these pictures will get taken by the photographer at some point or another during the wedding day, but they really need to plan for it as a part of their day so that no groups are missed, and the process doesn’t end up taking any longer than necessary. A quick guideline on planning for group photos on your wedding day:

1) Prior to the wedding, make a list of all the group photos you’d like taken (including all the various combinations of people in each group). Send a copy of this list to your photographer.

2) Assign 1-2 helpers to coordinate the group photo session. The helpers will call out groups and gather people into groups so that the photos can be taken efficiently one after another.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jessie from Elysium Events


Image provided by Filosophi

“While the day is about the couple, it’s really important that the guests have a great time because everyone having fun is what makes the day so magical. So it’s wise to consider all things from the guests perspective while planning, and avoiding things that can be less than perfect for them – having to drive from one side of the city to the other, long breaks between ceremony and cocktail hour, no food at cocktail hour, waiting a long time to be served dinner (especially in the case of speeches at the start of the meal), not having a shuttle in a location where it’s difficult to get a cab and so on.  If you walk through the day in your mind as if you were a guest, you’ll be able to identify and problem spots and brainstorm a fix of how to make them happy and ensure they’ll enjoy the whole experience, and then so will you!”

– Vancouver Wedding Planner Erin from Filosophi


Image provided by Marsha Steeves Destination Weddings

“Sometimes the couple will forget about a rehearsal and the importance of one to have everything flow. Even if you are a real casual low maintenance bride you still need to do a rehearsal with your wedding party, even if it’s just the two of you.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Marsha from Marsha Steeves Destination Weddings


vancouver wedding planner - sweetheart events - 1
Image provided by Sweetheart Events

“Spending time together. The wedding day goes by so quickly and sometimes you hardly say two words to each other and then just realize this as you are driving back to the hotel in the limo at the end of the night. When I work with a couple I share my views on taking time out of the day to reflect, give each other a high five for getting through the planning and to just enjoy the moment together. This can happen during the first look, moments after the ceremony or while your photographer is stealing you away for sunset photos. This is the best day of your life to date, don’t forget to steal those moments away with each other.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Stephanie from Sweetheart Events


vancouver wedding planners - Smitten Events
Image provided by Smitten Events

“Who will be taking gifts home at the end of the night! We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve planned this detail with our clients only to have the person tasked with the job to have one too many glasses of wine or even forget and leave the venue.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jordan & Devon from Smitten Events


Image provided by Epic Events

“One thing that for sure gets overlooked is building time into the itinerary for some time together – just the two of you! The wedding day can often be such a blur! After all the hard work of planning such an extraordinary day, you want to make sure to take some time (even 5 minutes) to slow down, breath and be excited together. This means no photographers, no bridal party!”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Briar from Epic Events


vancouver wedding planner Spotlight Events Planning & Design
Image provided by Spotlight Events Planning & Design

“A detailed plan for take-down at the end of the night is often one, especially for weddings with a lot of DIY elements. People tend to be pre-occupied with getting everything to the venue and setting it up, they often forget to plan the logistics of loading it all out. Things like leftover open liquor, leftover wedding cake, gifts and especially flowers. Discuss with your florist ahead of time if the flowers will be in plastic containers placed inside the rental vases, that way it’s easy to take them at the end of the night or gift them to guests. Another thing often overlooked is a pen to sign the marriage register! I always have a couple fancy pens on hand just in case, and they end up being used more than you’d think!”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Paige from Spotlight Event Planning & Design


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