Are any of these items missing from your wedding planning checklist? (part 1)

Are any of these items missing from your wedding planning checklist? (part 1) Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Toronto When it comes to your wedding planning checklist, unless you’re a professional wedding planner it’s almost impossible not to overlook something. We asked some of the best wedding planners in Toronto […]

Are any of these items missing from your wedding planning checklist? (part 1)

Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Toronto

When it comes to your wedding planning checklist, unless you’re a professional wedding planner it’s almost impossible not to overlook something. We asked some of the best wedding planners in Toronto for advice on items that are often missed by couples planning their wedding.


Image provided by Devoted To You

“Anyone who has ever planned a wedding themselves will know that there are dozens and dozens of things to plan for. So naturally if you are doing it for the first time it is not surprising that you may miss some things along the way. Items which are commonly overlooked are audio/visual charges, tax, gratuity, and administration fees at venues, as well as set-up and delivery costs for wedding designers and/or decorators.”


toronto wedding planner Melissa-Andre-Events
Image provided by Melissa Andre Events

“As details and timing evolve through the wedding planning process it is important to update all contracts one month before the wedding to reflect all of your final agreements with vendors. For example, you may have added cake cutting or a special performance after the initial discussion. Or, when you booked your linen and chairs for the 300 guests originally invited, you would not have been able to predict that only 240 would RSVP. Be sure to adjust your contracts to reflect all changes.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Melissa from Melissa Andre Events


toronto wedding planner fab fete
Image provided by Fab Fete

“Having a rain plan. The weather is the only thing that no one can predict or control, therefore, it is important to always have a backup plan. Make sure your venue has an indoor ceremony option or rent a tent if you are planning to get married outside. The same applies to your photo location – choose a location that has an indoor and outdoor area, or have a backup indoor option. Finally, remember to pack an umbrella to ensure that your hair and dress do not get ruined!”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Michelle from Fab Fête Event Planning Boutique


Image provided by Let’s Party Consultants

“Many wedding planning checklists cover the big-ticket items that need to be purchased and secured, but often lack in areas surrounding fine-tuning and personal detail. It’s common to overlook items such as:

  • acquiring your wedding license (in Ontario, this can only be purchased within 90 days of the wedding date so be careful!)
  • establishing a clear way for the kitchen to identify the guests requiring allergy and special consideration meals
  • designating a responsible person to safely stow away the gifts and contents of the money box

With all the big things being typically secured by way of a contract with a vendor, many of these more personal tasks tend to be overlooked.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Leena from Let’s Party Consultants Inc.


Toronto Wedding Planner Karina Lemke
Image provided by Karina Lemke

“In a general budget, 4 items that are typically never included are the wedding gown, the wedding rings, the rehearsal dinner/party, and the honeymoon. These have too broad a range. Often the gown is purchased by the bride’s family, the rings are ‘lifetime jewellery’ and the honeymoon is a holiday. Rehearsal is often subsidized by family as well.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Karina from Karina Lemke Weddings & Events


toronto-wedding-planner-rebecca-chan-Royal Conservatory of Music A Brit & A Blonde-106
Image provided by Rebecca Chan

“Big vendors are easy to book, like photography, entertainment and flowers, but often the small details get overlooked. The smaller details like day-of stationary, personalized details, rain back-up plans for photos and audio-visual enhancements are just as important and are often a last minute thought.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Rebecca from Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events


Image provided by Art of Celebrations

“The small miscellaneous things such as:

  • a marriage license
  • photography permits
  • rehearsal dinner
  • the bride’s nails

All of these items are often forgotten but they are quite necessary so couples should account for them right from the get-go.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Roxy from Art of Celebrations

toronto wedding planner gurley events
Image provided by Gurley Events

“The seating chart. People underestimate how long it takes to seat all your guests the way that they want. When you start factoring in groups of friends and family, and then their table’s physical location in the hall, it can be very difficult to get it all to line up!”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Melissa from Gurley Events


Image provided by Distinct Occasions

“Believe it or not I still find ceremony items the most overlooked in the planning. Items like writing vows get left to the last minute and marriage licenses are often left to the final moments.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Crystal from Distinct Occasions


Toronto wedding planner - Bride's Butler - 2
Image provided by Bride’s Butler

“Wedding planning lists are like chameleons, always changing based on the situation. It is usually the small things that get overlooked — the cake cutting knife is the most common I have found. I always remind couples to bring their marriage license, something so obvious, but it usually gets forgotten in the revelry of the day. Also, when pricing out meals, remember you often have to feed your vendors – photographers, videographers, DJ, florist, decorator etc. It is the small necessary details that get overlooked that cause the budget to change, especially last minute.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Jessica from Bride’s Butler


Image provided by Great Events

“Downtime for the bride and groom, especially the week before the wedding day. So many details get left to the last week, just as out-of-town guests start to arrive. Add a picnic in the park for two or a couples massage at the spa or escape to the movies. Plan some downtime without discussing wedding details.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Liz from Great Events


Image provided by Fusion Events

“The small stuff. Things like guest books, singing pens, things to keep kids entertained. Fortunately we carry all of those things with us just in case! When we plan weddings for our clients nothing is overlooked.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner ArthurK from Fusion Events


Image provided by Designed Dream Wedding & Bridal Planning

“It’s hard to answer this question as my primary service is ensuring that nothing ever gets overlooked – and it doesn’t! But for those couples who have booked only day-of coordination and not full-service planning, there have been a few surprises where they needed my help to correct. For example, we have experienced couples that are not sure when or how to apply for their marriage license. Or they don’t know when to send out their invitations or what RSVP date to put on them. They are also not sure when to do their tasting, unless the venue contacts them directly.

All of that said, even though these couples have only hired us for day-of coordination, we are always happy to provide as much advice as possible. With our vast network of industry professionals, we have a fabulous team in place to help us take care of any issues that may arise for our valued clients. Our goal is to make every couple happy, whatever it takes!”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Fidan from Designed Dream Wedding Planning

Image provided by One Fine Day

“In general, not allowing enough time to get tasks done. Other items include:

  • getting a marriage license

  • writing their speech well in advance

  • accounting for the number of dress fittings required, most underestimate this

  • the day-of checklist I find is often overlooked – order breakfast, lunch, who is bringing/holding the rings at the ceremony”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Melissa from One Fine Day


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