Wedding planning advice from Toronto wedding planners

Wedding Planning Advice Just one tip from some of the best wedding planners in Toronto We asked some of the best wedding planners in Toronto if they could offer just one piece of wedding planning advice to couples, what it would be? Here’s what they had to say: “Hire a planner to do a budget.” […]

Wedding Planning Advice

Just one tip from some of the best wedding planners in Toronto

We asked some of the best wedding planners in Toronto if they could offer just one piece of wedding planning advice to couples, what it would be? Here’s what they had to say:
Toronto Wedding Planner Karina Lemke
Image provided by Karina Lemke Weddings & Events

“Hire a planner to do a budget.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Karina from Karina Lemke Weddings & Events

SpectacularSpectacular image
Image provided by SpectacularSpectacular

Melissa – “So many people are consumed by wanting their wedding to be the Best Day Ever. It’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae surrounding your wedding and to lose sight of the bigger picture, which is building a life with your future partner. I think one of the best quotes I’ve heard is “a wedding is just one day; a marriage is every day after that.”

Gabi – “As stressful as planning a wedding can be, remember that at the end of the day, the focus should be on marrying the person you love.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa & Gabi from Spectacular Spectacular


Image provided by Let’s Party Consultants

“Be aware!! The wedding industry is one of the strongest industries in our society. Not every deal or discount being offered is a legitimate one. Understand the risks of every contract you enter into or entrust a planner to provide the industry experience required to assist in weeding out the good from the bad.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Leena from Let’s Party Consultants Inc.


Image provided by One Fine Day

“Hire a planner that has a proven track record. There are a lot of people out there that call themselves planners, but they really are not.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from One Fine Day


toronto destination wedding planner LUXE
Image provided by LUXE Destination Weddings

“Have fun with it! Try to put everything into perspective, be gracious and grateful to all of your family and friends who are supporting you, and don’t take anything (or yourself) too seriously! This is a happy time in your life so keep it that way!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Tara from LUXE Destination Weddings


Image provided by Art of Celebrations

“Make sure you LOVE your wedding! I think you should be able to look back at your wedding and love it 5, 15 or 50 years from now and the only way to do that is to make it your own. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and rather than follow trends follow your personal taste and style and make sure that your big day reflects who you are as a couple.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Roxy from Art of Celebrations

Toronto wedding planner Great Events
Image provided by Great Events

“Think of three elements that are most important to you for your big day. Then be prepared to let go of others. Maybe it’s having a gourmet dinner; an outdoor wedding; a dance ’till you drop party; organic local food; outdoors; a big band; a DJ; or a sentimental location. Be prepared to let go of the elements that aren’t important to you.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Liz from Great Events


Image provided by Distinct Occasions

“Figure out what YOU want first and DO THAT. Seriously. You will never regret the decisions you made based on what YOU wanted. Everyone will offer you an opinion on your wedding day but if it doesn’t make you happy or suit you, feel free to thank them and do what you want. Etiquette exists for a reason but if it’s not rude, hurting feelings or breaking laws… it’s your day! Once-in-a-Lifetime!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Crystal from Distinct Occasions


toronto wedding planner gurley events
Image provided by Gurley Events

“You are planning a party to celebrate your love and your relationship with another person, make sure that you both have your say and that the day reflects you both individually as well as a couple.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from Gurley Events


toronto wedding planner love by lynzie
Image provided by Love by Lynzie

“I host a yearly event called Fatal Flaws and Simple Solves where I discuss the most common mistakes I see couple’s make when planning their wedding. This year (2015) it is on March 26 and I will be doling out advice as part of this seminar. I would say the biggest mistakes I see made are improperly scheduling the day’s timing and not delegating a day of planner. The timing of the day is crucial- if you don’t have a planner, be sure you talk to your vendors to really understand how much time they need to achieve the product you want on the day, especially your photographer.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Lynzie from Love By Lynzie Weddings & Events


toronto-wedding-planner-rebecca-chan-Royal Conservatory of Music A Brit & A Blonde-106
Image provided by Rebecca Chan

“I always recommend including one budget line in the wedding for something to wow guests or for a surprise. It’s important to budget for the essentials, but having at least one unique element or splurge item meaningful tot he couple will make for a more memorable experience.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Rebecca from Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events


Image provided by Truly Yours Planning

“Be realistic about what you’re willing to spend. We work with all different types of budgets. Sometimes we have clients that want over the top weddings, but do not have the over the top budget to go along with it. Let’s be honest, I can create magic but not miracles, though I wish I could ;)! As long as you’re honest with yourselves and you’re ready for the big question then you can move forward with your wedding planning. Also, take your time to make decisions. Do not jump in, if you’re not sure, or feel rushed. I always tell my clients to sleep on it. No matter what, never feel pressured to make an important decision and always be confident in your final decisions.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Diana from Truly Yours Planning


toronto wedding planner Kate MacKenzie Weddings
Image provided by Kate MacKenzie Weddings

“Do your research – but stick to your gut. There is such a thing as over-researching. Also – enlist wedding professionals that you not only love the work of, but that you can afford and of whom you genuinely LIKE. Also, it’s a good idea to source vendors that work within the same creative ‘community’. Ask your baker which florist she’d recommend, or ask your florist what planners she likes, etc. This is a great way to compile a team who not only have worked together but have similar design styles.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Kate from Kate MacKenzie Weddings


Image provided by W Events

“Remember what the day is all about. It is so easy for people to get caught up in the pomp and circumstance (don’t get me wrong, I love it!) that they forget the whole point of the day is to marry the one you love. When things get overwhelming or stressful, take a step back and think about why you are going through this. That perspective tends to make it a lot easier to tackle whatever it is you are doing.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Whitney from W Events


Image provided by Designed Dream Wedding & Bridal Planning

“Do not rush with choosing vendors. If you decided to hire a wedding planner, she or he will find the right vendors for your style and budget, otherwise, if you prefer to plan your wedding yourself, you will have to source out vendors yourself. Very important is to check their reviews, testimonial and references online, as there are a lot of scams out there. Be careful and don’t book anyone if you can’t find any reviews about the company. Referrals are great too, just ask your friends!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Fidan from Designed Dream Wedding Planning


Image provided by Fusion Events

“Without being too obvious… hire a wedding planner. But beyond that, I would suggest having a budget when you approach potential wedding planners. Discuss with your partner and families what you can afford or want to spend.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet ArthurK from Fusion Events


Toronto Wedding Planner Carla from Trade Sensation
Image provided by Trade Sensation

“After being in this business for almost a decade now and having a wide range of experience doing approximately 200 unique events a year, I could probably write a book just on Wedding Advice. There are so many details that can get missed or overlooked with newly engaged couples. Or vendors who may take advantage of couples and over charge. Or by simply picking vendors who’s reputation isn’t top notch. These details could have a huge impact on their wedding, even the smallest thing could turn a flawless event into a disaster.

Unsurprisingly, it’s difficult to choose just one piece of advice but overall, I would advise couples to invest in their wedding by hiring not only a wedding planner, but a professional and experienced one! It can make all the difference and might save them quite a bit of money in the end, as well.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Carla from Trade Sensation


Tula-events-Jessilynn-Wong-photographer-Natalie & Matt Wedding-60148
Image provided by Tula Events

“Plan the wedding that you want as a couple and not what others want. Some clients are so concerned about pleasing others that they can lose focus on why they are getting married in the first place; love for each other.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Laura from Tula Events


toronto wedding planner David Vallee Event/Narrative Management Group
Image provided by Event/Narrative Management Group

“Choose your battles! The wedding industry is filled with people telling you what you must do. They are just doing their job, which is to try and sell you something. And, if you have unlimited funds, you can do anything. However, the vast majority of us have budgets and even big ones have limits. Pick what is important to you, and stick to your plans. Don’t try and do everything – you will drive yourself mad trying to achieve unrealistic goals. Rather than trying to impress, create a day that reaches up to welcome your guests, embraces them with the warmth of your love and makes them all co-stars on your wedding day.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet David from Event/Narrative Management Group

Image provided by Devoted To You

“Wedding planning is considered one of the first real tests for couples who want to spend the rest of their lives with each other to work on something stressful together. Plan ahead, delegate difficult tasks to professionals, and don’t forget to take a break and go on a date night once in a while (with each other obviously).”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Carmen from Devoted To You

toronto wedding planner Lustre Events
Image provided by Lustre Events

“There are no rules! As long as you’re not knowingly offending anyone, let yourselves have the wedding day you actually want. Think of it as an opportunity to plan your best day ever with all the people you care about, sounds pretty awesome. It is your opportunity to bring all your loved ones into your world for a day and make it as memorable as possible, Whatever that means to you as a couple.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from Lustre Events


toronto wedding planner bliss
Image provided by Bliss

“Enjoy your engagement. Not every conversation has to revolve around your wedding. If your bride or groom would prefer to talk about something else and it’s not pressing, then leave it be and go see a movie, go to the museum, go for a coffee, or something. You need some time to not think about the wedding, and to just be together and enjoy each other’s company. Otherwise, it can become overwhelming and bad feelings can start to generate.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Tara from BLISS


toronto wedding planner Melissa-Andre-Events
Image provided by Melissa Andre Events

“If you’re not working with a designer you trust, be sure to have a really strong vision for the look and feel of the event. When you think you’ve come up with the best idea for an event or a design, keep thinking and come up with something 10x better.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from Melissa Andre Events


toronto wedding planner fab fete
Image provided by Fab Fete

“Enjoy your day and leave everything to the professionals! The day will go by much faster than you realize, so make sure to take it all in and do not sweat the small stuff!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Michelle from Fab Fête Event Planning Boutique


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