Why Vancouver photographers love when you hire a wedding planner

Why Vancouver Photographers LOVE When You Hire A Wedding Planner Advice from some of the best wedding photographers in Vancouver We had the pleasure of interviewing some of the best wedding photographers in Vancouver.  We wanted to discover what they liked most about weddings where an experienced wedding planner is involved, and what specific aspects of […]

Why Vancouver Photographers LOVE When You Hire A Wedding Planner

Advice from some of the best wedding photographers in Vancouver

We had the pleasure of interviewing some of the best wedding photographers in Vancouver.  We wanted to discover what they liked most about weddings where an experienced wedding planner is involved, and what specific aspects of the event or coordination tend to be improved or more efficient.  Here’s what they had to share:

Image provided by E Fraser Photography

“In my experience, I find that couples who use a wedding planner are more organized overall. For the majority of couples, this is their first experience with wedding planning, whereas a wedding planner will have planned a fair amount of weddings. They have connections to vendors, insight into scheduling, and know the importance of details. They also make the day-of run much smoother. Wedding planners help take an immense amount of pressure off the bride and groom.”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Erin from E Fraser Photography

vancouver wedding photographer - paper rodeo bw
Image provided by Paper Rodeo Photography

“You can immediately notice when there is a professional wedding planner involved in the wedding because it elevates it to a curated event in every way. The communication, organization, and overall design is consistent and customized to the couple and their guests. Most importantly you usually have a more relaxed couple to work with, which is key to taking great photos. When newlyweds are relaxed and able to focus just on each other and they live in the moment, that experience shines on camera and you end up with natural chemistry!”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographers Mischa from Paper Rodeo Photography

Vancouver wedding photographer ove You Me Pictures. Photographed by Rick Collins
Image provided by Love You Me Pictures. Photographed by Rick Collins

“An experienced wedding planner allows everyone around them the opportunity to focus on doing what they do best. The planner takes all the pressure off by being organized, yet flexible during a long day. By taking a lot of the final decision making out of the hands of the couple it allows clients to concentrate on just having a great time at their wedding.”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Rick from Love You Me Pictures

Image provided by Konstantin Photography

“A wedding planner makes sure that all the vendors provide their work on time, i.e., the cake and decor are there for us to photograph, etc.  A same-day coordinator keeps track of the timeline for the day, making sure we get the agreed quality time that we planned for the pictures.”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Konstantin from Konstantin Photography

Image provided by Edward Lai Photography

“From my perspective as a professional wedding photographer, I can tell you that having a wedding planner at a wedding makes our job a lot easier. When the bride and groom haven’t hired someone to lead their team of vendors (venue staff, caterer, photographer, disc jockey, videographer, ceremony officiant, etc.), it normally falls on us to manage the schedule because we have to make the announcements.

A lot can change the day of the wedding. For when the unexpected happens – an event is delayed, the party runs long, etc. having someone in charge — someone to manage the timeline, check all of the details, and be the point of contact for the newlyweds and the bridal party, enables your vendors to concentrate on what you hired them for – be it music, photography, or food.

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Edward from Edward Lai Photography

Vancouver wedding photographer - Marla Jenkins Photography - mjphoto-20
Image provided by Marla Jenkins Photography

“Having a wedding planner is like having an advocate for all concerned. They should have a great relationship with the bride and have their best interests at heart. To this end, a good coordinator keeps everyone organized and happy so that the bride has a smooth and worry-free day.
I have worked with coordinators that even ask me, the photographer if there is anything they can do for me to help me out. Unfortunately, I have worked with some that seem more concerned with their smartphones…”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Marla from Marla Jenkins Photography

Vancouver-wedding-photographer-videographer-SoWedding Photo and Cinema Productions
Image provided by SoWedding Photo + Cinema

“From my point of view, a wedding planner is extremely important. They allow us as photographers and videographers to just focus on doing our job. They take away all the stress from the couple which allows us to get the best stuff from the couple. Plus we can rest knowing they have allowed enough time in the day for our photo shoot sessions.”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Justin from SoWedding Photo + Cinema

Image provided by hyperFocus Photography

“Weddings with planners tend to have realistic timelines without forgotten elements. They also tend to be more likely to run on time. One of the biggest things is that guests and especially the parents and the couple can all relax and enjoy the wedding instead of having to run around looking after things that a planner really should be doing.”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Steff from hyperFocus Photography

Vancouver wedding photographer - Dynamic Weddings-med
Image provided by Dynamic Weddings

“For most brides and grooms, planning a wedding can be overwhelming.  They don’t have the experience to know what to request and include in their itinerary.  An experienced wedding planner has the experience and knowledge to create a detailed and customized itinerary for the clients.  This provides clarity and direction to all vendors, including the MC.”

– Vancouver Wedding Photographers Jennifer and Dennis from Dynamic Weddings

Vancouver wedding photographer - SIM Wedding-med
Image provided by SIM Wedding

“From a photographer’s perspective, the most important thing a wedding planner does is to keep things on time. As we all know, there are always delays during a wedding, many of which are avoidable when you have a dedicated person in charge of the rundown. When time is lost, cutting down photo time for the couple as well as venue details are the most common decisions made to catch up on the itinerary, and these are some of the most memorable moments to a wedding, a very bad trade-off.

With a well planned itinerary and an experienced wedding planner to execute it, photographers will have sufficient time to travel to the next location and prepare themselves for the upcoming events.

– Vancouver Wedding Photographer Alvin from SIM Wedding


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