How much does a wedding planner cost in Toronto?

How much does a wedding planner cost in Toronto? Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Toronto   There are many options for hiring a wedding planner, from consultative advice services to day-of help, to full wedding planning. Your needs and budget will determine how much a wedding planner costs but their assistance […]


How much does a wedding planner cost in Toronto?

Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Toronto


There are many options for hiring a wedding planner, from consultative advice services to day-of help, to full wedding planning. Your needs and budget will determine how much a wedding planner costs but their assistance can be surprisingly affordable and also help reduce your wedding budget thanks to their connections and expertise.  We asked some of the best wedding planners in Toronto about budgeting for a wedding planner and any other tips they had to share:

Image provided by Designed Dream Wedding & Bridal Planning

“Wedding planners’ costs vary depending on the package that the couple may be interested in. Some planners charge a percentage on top of the client’s budget, which I find a bit unfair and we never do that at Designed Dream. Why should I charge someone more than the other, if for me it is still the same amount of work? Our fees are flat and very transparent – they won’t change unless the client decides to add extra services and our clients always appreciate this structure!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Fidan from Designed Dream Wedding Planning

toronto wedding planner Melissa-Andre-Events
Image provided by Melissa Andre Events

“A wedding planner should be priced based on their experience, accomplishments within the planning industry as well as the quality and detail of work. A planner with very unique design elements that are custom like MAE they typically spend 100 additional hours executing these fine design details. At the end of the day, the cost of a planner should reflect the quality of their work, this can range anywhere from $5K to $30K. The elements you would like them to cover should also be factored into the cost. For example, if you want a custom tent this is more complex and in turn, would cost you more money.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from Melissa Andre Events


Toronto wedding planner Great Events
Image provided by Great Events

“How do you put a price on peace of mind on your big day? Fortunately, wedding planners figured it out for you. Some will charge a percentage of our budget anywhere from 15% to 20% for full planning. Others prefer to share a flat rate, depending on how much is required, starting from $1500 for the minimal package which is for attending only the day of wedding.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Liz from Great Events

Image provided by One Fine Day

“Every wedding planner charges a different fee. The best fee is a flat fee so there are no surprises. You should not have to be working on a percentage of the budget or a commission structure with a planner. Planner fees all depend on experience and their area of specialization. Fees can range from $5k to over $30k pending on their scope of work. But a couple should do their research before hiring a planner.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from One Fine Day

Image provided by Let’s Party Consultants

“When considering the costs of a planner, it’s important to align yourself with a planner that offers pricing structure that you are comfortable with. Some charge a percentage of your total wedding budget, some charge based on an hourly rate, and others offer flat rate packages. Once you align yourself with a vendor that provides the structure you are seeking, you’ll be able to find a suitable financial match. At Let’s Party Consultants Inc, our day-of packages start at $1,000 + and our full planning packages start at $2000 ++. We have a list of a-la-carte offerings that clients are able to select from, and we custom-tailor each package to suit the needs of any style and budget.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Leena from Let’s Party Consultants Inc.

toronto-wedding-planner-rebecca-chan-Royal Conservatory of Music A Brit & A Blonde-106
Image provided by Rebecca Chan

“A wedding coordinator who takes care of just the wedding day and rehearsal will range from $800-$1,800 in Toronto. This is essential for a stress-free celebration! If you are looking for planning help, the pricing will depend on how much help you require, if it is in a partial planning or full planning capacity and how much experience a planner has. Typically in Toronto, this can range from $2,000-$7,000. The best fit for you will depend on the investment you want to make, how much help you need and if you click well with the planner you plan on working with.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Rebecca from Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events

Image provided by Art of Celebrations

“Making the decision to hire a professional wedding planner is probably the best investment a newly engagement couple can make. In addition to elevating the event and taking it to another level, we eliminate the stress that is associated with planning such an event and above all we save the couple quite a lot of time as well as money. So before the couple looks at the numbers it is wise to evaluate what a wedding planner can actually do for them. We at Art of Celebrations offer planning and design services where we take care of everything from managing the entire planning process to designing the most unforgettable and beautiful events. Our full planning and design services start at $4500 and run anywhere up to $8000. We also offer partial planning serviced which start at $2500 and month of coordination services which start at $1200.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Roxy from Art of Celebrations

Toronto wedding planner - Bride's Butler - 2
Image provided by Bride’s Butler

“It’s hard to give potential clients a concrete amount as every couple needs different services from a wedding planner. Full wedding planning can be negotiated based on the budget – either a percentage of the total or a set commission can be agreed upon. I specialize in day-of coordination but also do full wedding coordination. To give couples an idea of what they are investing with a day-of planner, I would respond with anywhere from $800-2,000. For full wedding coordination, you are looking at anywhere from $2,000-$10,000. When constructing a price, all elements and needs are taken into account.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Jessica from Bride’s Butler

toronto wedding planner gurley events
Image provided by Gurley Events

“It depends on the planner, on their certifications, experience, and their area. It is definitely worth it though! Planners can save you on time, money and stress!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Melissa from Gurley Events

toronto wedding planner fab fete
Image provided by Fab Fête Event Planning Boutique

“The cost of a wedding planner differs depending on the planner’s experience, the package you choose and the complexity of the wedding.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Michelle from Fab Fête Event Planning Boutique

Image provided by Distinct Occasions

“Wedding Planner costs range depending on a bunch of factors – their location, your location, number of guests, religious/cultural background (as many include multiple celebrations), time of year and the Planners experience all factor in. On average, a Wedding Planner’s fees should be 15-18% of the budget or if flat fee in Toronto should range from $5-10k for full planning. Again, regional differences will apply!”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Crystal from Distinct Occasions

Image provided by Fusion Events

“In the city of Toronto, the average cost of a wedding planner is between $3500-5000. There are some who charge less and some who charge more. The industry standard for full wedding planning shouldn’t be below $3500 unless the planner is very new to the business and has little experience (everyone has to start somewhere). That being said it is said that planning a wedding without a wedding planner takes up to 250hrs. If you divide $3500 by 250 it equals $14/hr. You can start to see the value in hiring a planner. Also, planners have great connections with all types of vendors and can often secure better rates or added value.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet ArthurK from Fusion Events

Image provided by Devoted To You

“The cost of a wedding planner typically varies by where they or the couple are located, the amount of experience they have and the type of services they offer. Like most other professions, planners in smaller towns will likely charge less than big city planners. The range is extremely broad, and if you want me to put a number on it I would say from the low thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, so that is why you don’t usually see planners post their fees. It’s a very tailor made business. As an example, it’s very difficult to quote the same price for a 30-person wedding happening in 2 years time where the couple had already made reservations to venue, photographer, and invitations versus a 300-person wedding happening in 3 months where the couple has done nothing so far. In the former case, we would quote a lower fee.”

Toronto Wedding Planners – meet Carmen from Devoted To You

toronto wedding planner RDT Events + Beauty
Image provided by RDT Events + Beauty

“Wedding planner costs vary on the event and the scope of the event. Someone looking for a month and day-of planner varies significantly from someone looking for a full wedding planner. Every event is different so there isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all pricing system; however, each package starts at the base price and can increase based on the scale of the event and what is needed.”

– Toronto Wedding Planner Renata from RDT Events + Beauty

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