Wedding ceremony ideas

Wedding Ceremony Ideas Advice for personalizing your ceremony from some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver We asked some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver for advice on unique wedding ceremony ideas and how to make it more personal… “Stay true to who you are rather than trying to please others.” Vancouver Wedding […]

Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Advice for personalizing your ceremony from some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver

We asked some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver for advice on unique wedding ceremony ideas and how to make it more personal…

Image provided by Petite Pearl Events

“Stay true to who you are rather than trying to please others.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jessica from Petite Pearl Events

vancouver wedding planner Spotlight Events Planning & Design
Image provided by Spotlight Events Planning & Design

“Oh, there are so many ideas! The number one thing for me is writing your own vows. Personal vows from the heart are so beautiful. You can vow anything to your husband or wife on your wedding day – anything! Writing something personal and relevant to your love and relationship is a no-brainer to me.

I’m also a strong advocate for live music at a ceremony. If you have a friend or family member who is a musician, that’s a great way to personalize it (and save on the budget!). Likewise, if you know a pastor or officiant personally, definitely ask them if they’d be willing to perform your ceremony for you. It’s nice when the officiant can draw on a personal relationship with the couple. If you don’t know anyone, another idea is to have a family member do a reading or a blessing, or work closely with your officiant to customize the ceremony content. You’d be surprised how much you can change (and how little is actually required legally).”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Paige from Spotlight Event Planning & Design

vancouver wedding planner DreamGroup Productions
Image provided by DreamGroup Productions

“The best advice we can give is to really focus and understand the importance of the day and what it represents. A wedding is not just a party with pretty flowers, fancy cars, and award-winning photography — although those are all very important elements in creating a successful and pleasantly memorable wedding experience. The reason you are doing all of this is that you have found the person you want to grow your life with and spend the next several years experiencing all the wonderful joys and challenges to come. It’s easy to get sidetracked and lost in all the decisions, the Pinterest inspiration, and the drama! The ceremony is the heart of the wedding. Be authentic to yourselves and respectful.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Genève from DreamGroup Productions

Image provided by Elysium Events

“Adding personal touches to your wedding will always make it more unique. Choose something that is meaningful to both you and your fiancé(e) and find a way to incorporate it into your ceremony. Some ideas include writing your own vows, having a special person do a ceremony reading or having it on your program so that everyone can read it aloud together, or even putting together a mini time capsule with love notes to each other that can be opened on your 10-year anniversary! Whether it’s a special song or poem, a display of photographs, a family/cultural tradition or something else that is significant to you, it can be used to personalize your wedding ceremony.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jessie from Elysium Events

Vancouver wedding planner Kaily Michelle Events View More:
Image provided by Kailey Michelle Events

“Truth be told, the heart of your wedding lies in the ceremony. This is the moment everything hinges on and what it boils down to; the joining of two hands, two hearts, two lives as one.

As unique as your love and the chapters that have led you here, so should your ceremony be. I encourage couples to take time to really consider their wedding vows and if inclined, write person vows that reflect their heart towards each other.”

Need help? Check out these sample wedding vows and listen in as I share 3 questions to ask yourself when writing personal wedding vows.

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Kailey-Michelle from Kailey Michelle Events

Image provided by Epic Events

“I always suggest ignoring the “checkboxes” that people feel need to be done. Really think about why you are having the event in the first place and it starts at the ceremony! Make it about you. Think about your song selections and how they represent your love and your story. Think about the wording of your vows. Do they reflect the truth in your relationship? Think about the tone of the ceremony. If you are a fun and casual couple, will a formal and quiet ceremony fit you or will it feel forced and unnatural? Forget the “checkboxes” and really create something that will represent you.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Briar from Epic Events

Image provided by Filosophi

“I’m a music fan myself so I tend to put a lot of emphasis on the music side of things – picking songs that really mean something or set the perfect vibe for the feeling you want at your ceremony, and also have a live musician whether it’s strings for something more formal or a guy and his guitar really adds to the emotion over an iPod. I’ve had strings playing Radiohead, and people singing opera, all kinds of things really, and it really gives a specific character to the ceremony. In the ceremony itself, you can go as formal or as informal as you like – there are no rules! I always love when a couple incorporates a toast into their ceremony, so everyone has a drink while they sit, and at a certain point drinks are passed to the bridal party and everyone shares a cheers! Of course, it depends on the venue and each couple’s taste for formality.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Erin from Filosophi

Image provided by Marsha Steeves Destination Weddings

“Getting to know the couple as best possible. Knowing what things are important to them as for each couple it can be different. A lot of brides will bring some of their favourite things from their hometown as not always are the resort wedding departments able to get all their requests from off-site vendors.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Marsha from Marsha Steeves Destination Weddings

vancouver wedding planner - sweetheart events - 1
Image provided by Sweetheart Events

“Hire an incredible marriage commissioner to customize the ceremony and work with you. It is a beautiful collaboration between the three of you. Think about the promises you want to say to each other, the hardships you have had to overcome and the journey you have taken together that brought you to I DO. You can be traditional or throw it all out the window and be true to yourselves. After all, it is your wedding day. I have had couples say their vows in different languages, use game controllers instead of rope to tie the knot and have done unity shots. Think about what you want and go with it!”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Stephanie from Sweetheart Events

vancouver wedding planners - Smitten Events - wedding ceremony ideas
Image provided by Smitten Events

“With so much emphasis on the party aspect of weddings, clients may lose sight that the ceremony is indeed the reason you have gathered your family and friends together. Even if you are keeping your ceremony brief consider writing your own vows, having a friend read lyrics from your favourite song and think about including both sets of parents in the processional. The ceremony will be over before you know it and simple details like these can make it really special.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jordan & Devon from Smitten Events


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