How much does a wedding planner cost in Vancouver?

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in Vancouver? Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver Hiring a wedding planner can be an excellent investment to help you save time and money. There are different levels of service available, from consultation, day-of, and full-service wedding planning.  We asked  some of […]

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in Vancouver?

Wedding planning advice from some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver

Hiring a wedding planner can be an excellent investment to help you save time and money. There are different levels of service available, from consultation, day-of, and full-service wedding planning.  We asked  some of the best wedding planners in Vancouver how they would respond:
Image provided by Filosophi
“Planners are just like any other service – there is a wide range of quality and experience out there and a wide range of costs accordingly, and you get what you pay for. You would expect to pay more for a not notch experience lawyer over a rookie who has just opened up shop and wedding planners are the same. Young planners are very capable and most often very very hard working but don’t have the experience and connections that more seasoned planners do and in consulting, experience goes a long way. You can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$3,000 or more for a day of service here in Vancouver and anywhere from $4,000-$15,000 for a full planning service.

At Filosophi we charge in the ballpark of $1,900-2,100 for our takeover service (which is more than a day-of, we don’t offer strictly day of service as we find it isn’t possible to deliver a flawless day without a certain degree of involvement prior to the wedding) and $7,500-$10,500 on average for full planning services, which we feel is great value for the expertise and experience we offer on our team. Every wedding is different though, in our case we offer a no obligation consultation before providing a specific quote so it can’t hurt for couples to do some consultations with planners and get some quotes and learn a bit more about what wedding planners can do.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Erin from Filosophi

vancouver wedding planners - Smitten Events
Image provided by Smitten Events

“It is our goal to try and work within a client’s budget, so we would respond by explaining what our fees start at and get insight into the involvement that they are looking for from a planner. Once we grasp what we think a client needs then we can explain our services and cost in greater detail.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jordan & Devon from Smitten Events

vancouver wedding planner DreamGroup Productions
Image provided by DreamGroup Productions

“As with any expert involvement the most experienced, confident, and in demand planners will cost more. There are many levels of formality and complexity within any wedding plan that should be taken into account. A planner will spend anywhere from 150-250 hours working with or on behalf of their client over the course of 6-18 months. Wedding Day Management fees often start at $1,200 in Vancouver (lower in other Canadian cities) and Full Planning often ranges between $3,500 and $8,500. There are some very in-demand experienced planners in the city that cater to the more complex production/large scale/elite wedding market charging upwards of $10K-20K for full luxury planning services.

Home Tented Weddings where a planner does not have the support of an existing venue or management team will often charge more for their time since the wedding will require much more hands-on venue management and attention than a wedding at The Vancouver Club or Rosewood Hotel Georgia might require for example.

Multi-Day ethnic weddings will typically cost more than a one-day western wedding affair as they always require more attention and time. And weddings where there are many “helpers” or family members involved will often require more time and attention from the planner in communicating multiple times with different parties and appeasing everyone’s ideas and needs and so in turn this too will often increase the planner’s fee.

There are all sorts of levels of planning support available from Full Planning to Wedding Day Management services. Take the time to learn about your options and speak with a planner or company directly on the phone or via email to share your needs and ask questions. A responsible and reputable company will guide you in the best direction from there. Keep in mind, a good planner will save you money by creating an overview budget plan allocating your money realistically from the start so you know what your vision might cost and can adjust plans accordingly while you still have all the power. They will also prevent costly pitfalls or misspending, help you find the best places that offer the best price in line with your expectations, and will offer guidance as to what products and services can be scaled back or omitted without anyone noticing. We are not magicians, but we are savvy maximizers!!”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Genève from DreamGroup Productions

vancouver wedding planner Spotlight Events Planning & Design
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“For an experienced, reputable wedding planner in Vancouver, expect to pay a minimum of $5000. Fees will go up from there depending on the size and scope of your wedding. Many wedding planners will offer a “Partial Planning” or “Consulting” service for a lower fee. It’s important to consider the time, stress and money a wedding planner will save you. It’s one of those invaluable services you need to experience to fully understand.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Paige from Spotlight Event Planning & Design

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“The cost of a wedding planner will depend on the range of service(s) required by the couple, so it is best to have a complimentary consultation with a planner to discuss your needs. Most wedding planners offer three types of packages:

(1) Consulting – Sessions are typically charged by the hour, and are used by couples to get questions answered, discuss feedback on ideas, and assistance with their planning progress.

(2) Day-Of Coordination – Package prices are usually based on the number of on-site hours of coverage required on the wedding day. With these packages, planners typically get involved approximately one month before the wedding to help the couple finalize details, coordinate logistics and oversee the event on the day of the wedding.

(3) Full-Service Wedding Planning – These packages usually include all aspects of wedding planning, from budget development and vendor sourcing, to design concepts and day-of coordination. The cost of a full-service planning package can vary greatly, depending on various factors such as the size of the wedding, logistics, and overall complexity.”

Vancouver Wedding Planners – meet Jessie from Elysium Events

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