Tips for finding a wedding photographer (part 1)

Tips for Finding a Wedding Photographer (part 1) Advice from some of the best wedding photographers in Atlanta We had the pleasure of interviewing some of the best wedding photographers in Atlanta and asked them for tips for finding a wedding photographer.   We also asked what advice they had for couples who are searching for […]

Tips for Finding a Wedding Photographer (part 1)

Advice from some of the best wedding photographers in Atlanta

We had the pleasure of interviewing some of the best wedding photographers in Atlanta and asked them for tips for finding a wedding photographer.   We also asked what advice they had for couples who are searching for a wedding photographer and what are some of the key questions they should be asking.  Here’s what they had to say:

Atlanta wedding photographer Janet Howard Studio
Image provided by Janet Howard Studio

“Find a photographer whose style matches what you like. Look around to find the images that really resonate with you. Then meet with them and make sure your personalities mesh and you can hang with them on the most important, fun, special day of your life!”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Janet from Janet Howard Studio

Atlanta wedding photographer Melissa Prosser Photography
Image provided by Melissa Prosser Photography

“Choose who you click with. Be that in a phone meeting, or in person. Don’t base your decision on portfolio or price alone. Your photographer is who follows you the whole wedding day. Make sure you like them!”

Atlanta wedding photographer Matthew Druin & Co. Photography
Image provided by Matthew Druin & Co. Photography

“Photography is an art, so it’s very subjective. Start with finding the style of photography you love. Look at a lot of websites and photographs and take time to really discover what you love about certain types of photographs. Wedding photography is a very unique area of photography. There’s a lot of different photography genres that are combined like portrait photography, landscape photography, product photography, documentary, event, and fine art photography, etc. It takes a very special type of person to not only have those skills in different areas, but also do it consistently, under pressure, and on a set timeline. Be sure to ask to see a variety of full wedding days from different types of weddings, so you can see how well they do in all of these areas. Lastly, Wedding photography, in particular, is a very intimate experience. It’s different than just choosing what company will make your cake for example. You will spend more time with your wedding photographer before, during, and after the big day in very close quarters and intimate situations than anyone else. Even more so than your closest family and friends. Probably more important than anything else is to find someone who’s personality you really enjoy spending a lot of time with, fits your personality, and that you trust. Trust is extremely important! When setting up meetings, don’t just ask the list of “transaction” focused questions like how much and what’s included. Take time to really get to know them, their family, and life. If they are not doing the same, they may not be a good fit for you.”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Matthew from Matthew Druin & Co. Photography

Altanta wedding photographer Six Hearts Photography
Image provided by Six Hearts Photography

“You should really like your photographer. If you don’t like them as a person, you won’t like the photos they give you. It doesn’t matter how amazing the photos may actually be. Always remember that you can take a creative photographer and make them do traditional work but it often doesn’t work the other way – you can’t take a traditional photographer and make them creative. Decide what you want when booking a photographer. Do you want something traditional or something modern and creative? Choose someone who does that. Research your photographer well. Not them personally, but their work. You should understand their style, really love it, and trust them. For us, we would go with the photographer whose images gave us the most feels to look at.”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Schellie from Six Hearts Photography

Atlanta wedding photographer Cayce Callaway Photography 1
Image provided by Cayce Callaway Photography

“View a full wedding gallery! This is so important and so few couples do it. This is an industry of what you see is what you get. You can’t judge a wedding photographer by the “greatest hits” on their website. Wedding photographers typically like people, so we’re pretty good salespeople. It’s easy to get snowed by someone and then be disappointed when you get the photos back and your reception shots are too dark to make anyone out. They would have known that if they had viewed a full wedding. Preferably at the time of day/night of their own wedding.”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Cayce from Cayce Callaway Photography

Atlanta wedding photographer Debbie Neff Photography 1
Image provided by Debbie Neff Photography

“I would advise couples to meet with a wedding photographer before booking. When a couple requests an initial meeting, I don’t hesitate to comply. I always tell my couples that I’ll spend more time with them on their wedding day than anyone else, so it’s important to know beforehand that we’re a good fit in terms of vision, style, and personality.”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Debbie from Debbie Neff Photography


Atlanta wedding photographer Walter Drayton Photography 1708_image_46607
Photo by Walter Drayton Photography

“Take your time, kick the tires and do a thorough search. First and foremost get your venue, that is the scarcest commodity. Every major city in the U.S. literally has hundreds of professional photographers so don’t rush to book the first person you come across. Get your money’s worth and make sure the person actually cares about being a part of your special day.”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Walter from Walter Drayton Photography

Altanta wedding photographer Laura Stone Photo
Image provided by Laura Stone Photo

“I wrote an article about this topic that you can find on my blog! In short, I would say do your homework by asking questions about your photographer’s approach and systems and follow your heart.”

– Atlanta Wedding Photographer Laura from Laura Stone Photo


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