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Rethinkvideo is a husband and wife team that specializes in capturing weddings with a personal, professional and cinematic touch.


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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Videographers in Houston Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah & Chad, from Rethinkvideo.

Where have you been featured?

We have been featured on WeddingWire, The Knot Briscoe Manor.

Why do couples love working with you?

Couples love working with us because we help create a no-stress atmosphere. We know how to personalize our approach with each couple, maximizing our time and skill to create a story that truly represents a couple’s personality and love story.

We capture the day naturally with minimal staging, only during appropriate times. Couples leave their time with us feeling celebrated, supported and captivated. We also do a very good job of creating a video that brides AND grooms enjoy watching. Brides usually want to look beautiful and feel the love. Grooms usually want to look cool and re-experience the excitement and be entertained. We specialize in bringing both visions together.

What do you love most about filming weddings?

Coming from planning and leading backgrounds, we love that no two weddings are alike. Filming weddings give us the freedom to be creatives and share the story of each couple with a new and inspired way each time.

We also enjoy working together. While some husbands and wives have a hard time interacting in a work environment, we thrive in this area. We automatically know what the other will capture and bring two very different eyes for beauty into one, complimentary film.

How did you get started?

Sarah: When Chad and I got married we failed to invest much in photography and we didn’t even hire a videographer. We looked back and realized that we really missed out, and we wanted to help future couples not experience the same regret.

Chad started creating promotional and testimonial videos for church about 10 years ago. One day, someone from the church who knew Chad had a camera and was pretty good at making intriguing, entertaining videos asked if he would be willing to film their wedding.

His first response was “absolutely not.” 1) He had never done anything like that before, and 2) he didn’t want the pressure of possibly messing up someone’s big day. This first couple persisted and finally said, “If you don’t do it, we aren’t going to have a videographer. We have no expectation. Just capture the moments of the day and have fun.” He finally agreed and filmed his first wedding. Low and behold, he was very good at it. The bride was so pleased, that she got Chad his next 5 weddings.

Chad: About two years into filming, Sarah joined the team, simply to be able to hang out with her husband. What she discovered was that she loved the ability to support brides and capture unexpected beauty. She was told she was pretty good at filming as well. We quickly realized that we were a great team and our visions naturally came together to create these cinematic wedding videos that expressed love and beauty with a unique edge that made the grooms excited to watch the films, as well.

What 3 words best describe your company?

Personal, Passionate, Professional.

What budget range do you cater to?

We consider ourselves to be in the middle to higher range for pricing for weddings at the caliber and quality of the films we produce.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day to film?

Sarah: My favorite part is the bridal prep. Women want to look and feel beautiful. It’s something they think about all the time, whether consciously or subconsciously. I love being able to show the bride just how beautiful she truly is. Sometimes that beauty comes from capturing the whole scene, but sometimes it’s from noticing the smallest details. I love being a part of helping the bride feel her most beautiful.

Chad: My favorite part of the day is filming the couple shots. This is where we have the most freedom to be creative and try new techniques. Also, while it’s endearing to see family and friends having fun at your wedding, there is something extra special about looking back at the love and excitement you had for/with each other on that day.


Client Testimonial

One of the best decisions I made regarding my wedding planning was to hire Rethinkvideo! Chad, Sarah and their team are true artistic professionals. They have an eye to see things from the most flattering and unique angles. I booked them to cover 4 days of my wedding events and didn’t meet anyone from the team until the day and hour of the events. Chad is a great communicator over phone/email and will do his absolute best to take care of all the details you want to be covered- no matter how long it takes!

They have only covered a couple of Indian weddings so far, but I personally feel that their finished product is better than any other videography team that is super familiar with Indian weddings and their traditions. They were cooperative and very respectful of all traditions, customs, and family members. I had some preferences for background music, and they completely worked with me and did a better job with my own music than if I could have arranged it myself. I am super excited to show my wedding video to my family and friends because I know they did a beautiful job of telling a story that is true to the personality of my husband and myself.

They are not exactly what one would consider “cheap” (you get what you pay for), so if you really need to watch your budget, I would honestly suggest cutting back somewhere else and book Rethinkvideo – you will not regret it! Thanks, Chad and Sarah!


Client Testimonial

Rethinkvideo was so easy to work with! Chad and his crew (including his wife Sarah) were great! The attention to detail was so pleasing to see. They captured the serious moments and yet all the fun! Down to the music, I absolutely loved my video. I highly recommend!


Client Testimonial

Rethinkvideo was amazing to work with from start to finish. They were very patient with me when I contacted them with little to no plans for the wedding months ago. As soon as I got the venue picked out, and the destination finalized, they were so hands-on and really got to know me before we even got to Mexico. They asked about my wants and needs, things I liked, and things I didn’t like. I was very confident in my choice with Rethinkvideo.

When we finally did get to Cancun, Sarah and Chad were all business, all the time. I constantly saw them shooting footage of the resort and the beach days before the wedding. They filmed many events throughout the weekend including our photoshoot on the beach, rehearsal dinner, the wedding prep, ceremony, and every detail of our crazy reception. I still watch the video almost every day (our wedding was almost 6 months ago.) I have received compliments on the video from distant relatives in other countries, friends I’ve lost touch with, and even my mom’s insurance representative who randomly got a hold of it.

People who were there are still talking about how awesome the wedding video is, and people who couldn’t make it feel like they were right there with us because the video was so detailed. Sarah and Chad are so professional, so nice, and so caring. They made such a great team with a creative eye, and have a true passion for what they do. They would split up and be in two different places at one time getting all angles, which made the video that much better. They would come up with ideas in the moment and were so good with executing it while still keeping the natural flow of our special day. We were truly blown away with the result, and are so thankful that we have this amazing movie to watch our love story forever! From the creativity, the detail, the music, and the professional quality of the video to the professionalism of the couple. I would recommend Rethinkvideo to anyone getting married locally or destination!