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Whimsical, Warm, Selfless

We provide a relationship of advisory and art, a one-stop shop for wedding media and beauty services. We’ll take the leap with you, so you don’t feel alone.

Image provided by Southern Envy Studios

Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Photographers Photographers in Houston Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Kaci, from Southern Envy Studios.

Where have you been featured?

In the 12 years that I have been a paid artist, the idea of “features” have changed so much. I never kept track or score, it meant nothing to me. I have been featured in more “Ink” than any other major magazine. The Knot (of course) Seeing your images featured to me, wasn’t the best part. The most satisfying feature is seeing your work become cover photos/ profile photos etc. I even kind of enjoy seeing people scam my photos as their own, in order to book clients. It means I have a “sellable” product.

Why do couples love working with you?

I would like to think my couples love me because I am funny and charming. (That’s probably not it, though…) I am a makeup artist, photographer, graphic designer, educator and house many other artists at Southern Envy Studios. I have this alter-ego I like to compare to Joe Pesci in the movie “Casino”. I become your protector and advisor in this (very shady) industry. I mean, we’re talking a multi-billion dollar industry that a 7th grader could make six figures in, with a little creativity. It can be dangerous… part of my commitment is making sure my clients are getting the best vendors for their budget. I am pretty well rounded in just about every aspect of the industry. I had to be, in order to close deals. Did you know there are 500 photographers in my service area? Education is my best-kept secret…. and being a little bit scary. Wiki says, ” Joe Pesci is small and packs a punch in the most creative ways…” We MUST be twinzies.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

The Wedding industry is tough! People assume we play dress up with brides and go to parties every weekend when really it’s one of the highest stress careers to maintain. I love the challenge of problem-solving, I like the pressure. I like making my couples feel like I was their best investment.

How did you get started?

I was an Aerospace major. I started flying airplanes at 16 years old and left my heart in the clouds from that point on. I fell very ill in college and had to put aviation on the back burner. I started my career in the “Arts” at a makeup counter in the mall and quickly moved up from there as a national makeup artist for dozens of different makeup lines. I shared a duplex with a bunch of 18-year-old waitresses who had me do their makeup all the time. One day, I bought a camera, put makeup on my friends and the rest is history… PS: I still fly and I still read NTSB accident reports for fun. (NERD)

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Whimsical – Warm – Selfless There is always this deep emotion-drenched in light, blurred by the sun and highlighted by this magical presence that really can’t be explained in words. More tears than words…

What budget range do you cater to?

This is the question that makes EVERYONE lose their minds… I focus on working with lower-end budget brides. I know… What in the world is wrong with me? I grew up poor, I can’t bring myself to charging accordingly and it screws everyone else in my demographic trying to run a business. I am sorry, but I am not. My number one rule, being an entrepreneur is ” It can’t be about the money when my job becomes about the money, the “Art” is lost. The pressure changes, the positive and negative energies shift and suddenly, you become responsible for holding up to a number that makes people respond ugly. It’s a formula for me, $5000 is a lot of money to a lot of people. Then again, $500 is a lot of money to a lot of people. The scale is long and it’s wide. I choose a demographic that gets the short end of the stick often. You know… the people who work 60 hours a week but still only have mayonnaise in the fridge. Those are my people because they keep me forever.

Client Testimonial

Kaci and her team did a great job! They were so easy to work with and very professional while still having fun. I highly recommend Southern Envy Studios, her work is stunning!


Client Testimonial

Kaci did my engagement and wedding photos, she was very punctual, down to earth, happy & helpful, overall a genuine sweetheart..she brought her assistant shooter Breann who was just as nice and helpful…though I am still waiting on the rest of my photos, the ones I’ve seen so far between the two of them came out amazing… she’s definitely first on my list as a photographer… loved them both