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best Houston wedding planners Kat Creech Events

Kat Creech Events is a national award-winning wedding design and planning firm who takes extraordinary ideas and creates epic realities for our clients.

best Houston wedding planners Kat Creech Events
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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Planners in Houston Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Houston wedding planner Kat, from Kat Creech Events.

Where have you been featured?

Modern Bride, Weddings in Houston, The Knot, Grace Ormond, Catering Magazine,

What types of weddings do you specialize in?

As a 2-time recognized National Event Designer and Planner, we believe brand and design is essential to any event. We focus on the core of the client, specializing in creating a cohesive wedding style/brand, There is a wedding story to be told and it is more than the flower or color selected. It is more about a custom atmosphere true to you as a person/couple rather just completing a checklist. In the end, it creates an epic reality with memories for a lifetime. Every client has a different story and every story has a different plot, and that is what makes it so special. It is an intangible journey that creates a very unique and epic reality. I guess you could say we specialize in custom wedding stories.

Why do couples love working with you?

Couples enjoy Kat Creech Events creativity and ensuring that their wedding is going to be more than a Pinterest board. They look to our firm to create an atmosphere true to their personality and an environment that resonates with them and their guests. Our couples love seeing the little details come together, creating a distinct wedding story and style. The journey is fun, filled with laughter and collaboration!!

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I have two:: 1. That moment….that very specific moment….when the couple walks into their wedding vision and can see their tangible epic reality. 2. That moment when they high-five each other after they the ceremony. I am always the first person to see them after the ceremony…..and the high-five and the hugs are the best. They did it….and their shoulders relax. I’ll wake up every day just to have our couples experience this.

How did you get started?

In college, I received my first management position at a fine dining establishment as the bar manager. Upon graduating with honors from the University of Houston Conrad N. Hilton College, circa 1999, I entered the catering and events industry full time. As soon as I moved from the operations manager role to the special events role in 2005, there was no looking back. I found my place in the catering and events industry and have loved it ever since. I have never lost the thirst for the industry, have a passion to do great things, to think differently, to execute events differently, leave a legacy, and ensure lasting memories are made.

As of today, I have 26 years of industry experience under my hat. In 2010, ten years after graduating, working in the trenches of the operations world, sponging up the lessons of corporate America on what works and what doesn’t, with a dozen clients that would follow me anywhere, I launched the company I dreamed of. A company and a way of doing business that clients wanted, but didn’t have. To be able to understand a client’s end goal and execute it without the restrictions of a particular venue was a breath of fresh air. The client’s dreams were limitless and finally, the lid (and the sides) of the box were off. This freedom also allowed me to incorporate my ideas and beliefs into my business and the execution of the events I planned. In my personal life, I strive to live as sustainable as possible by recycling, shopping local, eating organic, and supporting local farmers. I knew in my hearts of hearts that events could be big and bold, but still leave a lower carbon footprint. While all events since that time have different levels of sustainability, all of the events are recycled and all the events pay it forward by repurposing centerpieces to local hospitals and nursing homes. I believe what sets me apart from other event planners is my ability to customize and personalize an event so that it reflects the client or organization that the event is representing. I utilize the five senses to make sure every aspect of an event is considered.

With my strong culinary background, food is an important part of every event, and I have been known to challenge a chef to think outside of his norm, by selecting foods that are in season, found locally, and presented in a new and refreshing way. When something created in my head does not exist in the design world, I custom create it to deliver exceptional results. Every event is different and every client is different. I find unique ways to get to know a client so that during the event planning process, I often think and see things that I just know would appeal to the client. As a professional logistics manager, I am able to seamlessly orchestrate an event so that the timeline is adhered to without the guests feeling as if they are following an organized schedule. I remove the stress and worry by allowing clients to enjoy their event, all the while exceeding expectations which in turn delivers a flawless end product. I am a designer first who plans great events that are worth talking about. No matter the budget, the end goal is to ensure that it is the best day of their lives and if I can touch the local community and repurpose some flowers along the way, then that is a good day and well worth it.

Do you have any advice on how to make the wedding ceremony more personal?

Probably our favorite part of the ceremony is the vows. Even with all of the candles and personal design touches, nothing can compare to writing your own vows. Short and sweet or long and enduring, it does not matter. Your words spoken at this very moment in front of your friends and family will leave a lasting impression. I promise and guarantee it will be remembered forever by everyone. My tip: If you selected not to have a cinematography, have a friend record the vows {iPhone works great for this}. You can put them in the vault and who knows when you might want to pull them out of the archives. After all, we all have anniversaries after the wedding day.

What budget range do you cater to?

Kat Creech Events is a boutique firm, focusing on quality over quantity. We like to enjoy the journey as much as our couples so we limit the number of weddings we handle each year. This allows for our couples to truly have a personalized experience and not filled rushed. We like to break down our usual budget by per person rather than an overall number. We have found the overall average wedding figure to not be a true reflective as the guest count will provide a variable cost. For KCE, on average, our couples spend $550-$650 per person. For a 100 person wedding, this ranges from $55K-$65k and for a 300 person wedding, this range would be $165k-$195k. Our average wedding guest count is 150-175.

What typically happens at the beginning of the process when someone contacts you?

Our initial conversation is about a 20-minute phone interview as it allows us to meet and attain some preliminary information. This conversation is advantageous as it allows our firm to put together a proposal dedicated to you. It is also advantageous as it allows for our couples to reflect on the information prior to coming to the office. With some much information to review, it can be a bit overwhelming. We have found this first step to really allows for our couples to reflect, ask questions, and create the perfect investment for them when we meet at the office.

After the semantics of the contract are complete, the real fun begins. We start the wedding planning process by building a relationship. Connecting allows for better questions to be asked, which allows for better answers to be given. We have a 3-page questionnaire to get to know our couples… I like to call them first date questions. Along with this, we list out the hierarchy of what is most important to them, which allows for a better understanding of how to spend the dollars. Then, our first consultation is the design and budget meeting. Having a good foundation allows the couples to dream about their wants without the budget train getting derailed. During this time, it allows our firm to educate them what services and goods cost in the wedding market. We sketch, create a floor plan, present fabrics, and textures, and dream of all the custom creations to allow for the vision to come to life.

Our creative partners come to use, eliminating the run around town. Our goal is to maximize our clients time and produce seamless results. In addition to being your wedding stylist, we ensure all the planning to-dos are on track. From ensuring the timeline checklist is moving along to confirming payments are prompt, there is no stone left unturned. It all comes together effortlessly with professional collaboration all the way.

Client Testimonial

Kat at Kat Creech Events is a wonderful wedding planner; she can really turn your dreams into a reality. We used her full services for everything with the wedding from designing the engagement picture shoot, bridal shoot, to flower design, table settings, invitation designs, and everything else that falls in between for a wedding. She took all of my hard requests and executed them (i.e. book page aisle runner, owl ring bearer, etc…). My wedding was planned down to the last detail and it came out looking amazing. Kat is one of the top wedding planners in Houston and it shows in her work and she has so much passion for her job so she really puts all she has into everyone’s wedding that she plans. Kat brought a team of two days of coordinators with her to our wedding and they did a wonderful job keeping us on Kat’s timeline and making sure everything went smoothly. The day of the wedding ran very smoothly from my POV. Kat was fantastic to work with she really knows this business and has a lot of great vendor recommendations. We used almost all of Kat’s recommended vendors for our wedding and they were all fantastic. Kat is quick to respond to emails and really takes the time to get to know her clients so she can make your dream wedding come to life. She is also very good at making sure that you stay within your budget. To cut money cost Kat offers a lot of in-house design elements that really help to bring down the budget, but still look fantastic. Kat designed and put together all of our wedding invitations, menus, table number holder and place cards for us and they were all custom made to fit our theme. Kat really has an eye for details and takes direction very well. I would highly recommend Kat Creech Events to any future bride; she will make sure you have an unforgettable day.

Client Testimonial

We hired Kat about a year and a half from my wedding date and it was the best decision we made. We were a little hesitant because this was basically Kat’s first South Asian wedding (South Indian in particular). For anyone that has been involved in an Indian wedding, you know its just as much about the families uniting as it is about the couple getting married. With that said, there were many opinionated voices that came Kat’s way and she handled it like a pro. She really took the time to not only get to know me and my now husband but also our families. She did such an elegant job incorporating everyone’s wants and needs and still made sure to deliver a wedding beyond my imagination. I don’t think there is a wedding planner more creative than Kat. If you want an epic, unique wedding…hire her!

Client Testimonial

Kat Creech is AMAZING! If you are looking for the BEST wedding planner there is out there, look no further. Not only has Kat become a good friend to me, but she is also one of the most creative and talented individuals I have met. I contacted Kat in January after getting engaged and let her know my situation wouldn’t be the easiest as I was moving overseas, but planning on having my wedding at home in Houston in November of that year. Most of our communication was through email and a face to face meeting in May when I was back home. Kat listened to everything I wanted, and took it all a step further to create the most memorable event! One of the things I found impressive was Kat’s attentiveness to detail, as well as her response time to any questions I had. She took the ideas I had and made them better than I could ever have imagined. I was truly shocked on my wedding day at how everything exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend Kat Creech events to anyone who is looking to have a beautiful and stunning wedding. The day was perfect and I know that was because of the amazing job she did!