Your Wedding, Your Way

Approachable, Reliable, Resilient

We are fun, passionate, enthusiastic, admittedly geeky, boy band loving, food craving, margarita tasting, concert going, chick-flick watching, karaoke singing fools…. and WE are Wedding Planners.


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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Planners in Austin Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Stefanie from Your Wedding, Your Way.

Where have you been featured?

We’ve also been published in the New York Times, Style Me Pretty, and Martha Stewart Weddings, just to name a few.

Why do couples love working with you?

If couples are looking for a planner who will serve them cupcakes and champagne at every meeting, then we’re sorry to report they’ve found the wrong company. If they are looking for a high-end wedding boutique with high-end coordinators with extremely high fees, then they’ve come to the wrong place. BUT… If they’re looking for an experienced team of easy going, fun loving people to quickly become their best friends during the wedding planning process, then they’ve found the right girls! Just as our previous clients… Many of them are still our friends!

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

I love taking something that seems difficult and simplifying it for people. I can’t tell you how many times someone has come to us overwhelmed by the big picture, that they found it difficult to complete the small tasks. Simplifying it and helping them, makes their life exponentially better… and makes them happy… which makes me happy!

How did you get started?

After planning events for a major airline, I left the event world for a “regular” job. A trip back to Ohio for my best friend’s wedding and the chaos that ensued in the days leading up to it made me realize I LOVE events… even if it means working nights and weekends! I started YWYW in 2008, and by 2010 I quit my full-time job, and have been planning weddings in Texas (and beyond!) ever since!

What 3 words best describe your company?

Approachable. Reliable. Resilient.

What budget range do you cater to?

We’ve worked with wedding budgets starting at $15k… right on up to $300k. On a regular basis, we work with couples that have $25k-60k, with the average budget sitting right about $35k.

What is your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

My favorite part of every event is the hour before the ceremony. Regardless of how much I share with some vendors ahead of time, they have questions. The wedding party has questions. The family has questions. And the guests arriving have questions. During that time, questions rapid-fire in my direction. That is my moment to shine, as I rapid fire the answers everyone needs, right back to them… and sometimes before they even ask them! It’s a rush knowing that my quick answers keep everyone at ease during the most stressful part of their day!


Client Testimonial

Before visiting another wedding planner page, stop RIGHT NOW and hire Stephanie at Your Wedding, Your Way! They literally are the best money you will spend during your whole entire wedding! For one, My husband and I had champagne taste with a prosecco budget and Stephanie and her team made our fairytale wedding possible! I interviewed several planners prior and there was no one even close with regards to attention to detail, regard for our budget, customer service and ability to turn our vision into a reality. Oh and did I mention super cool and down to earth and made me think I was totally normal throughout the whole process. I knew right from the start she was going to make some magic happen. She helped us save money in ways I couldn’t have imagined and allowed us to spend it where it counted: i.e. the band, flowers, and liquor!

She is worth her weight in gold and with her connections, she will save you more than what you spend on their service. Also, its truly amazing when dealing with vendors and every single one was so grateful we were working with YWYW because they are truly AWESOME! Also, I am definitely a line-by-line budget kind of person and I couldn’t believe how easy it could have been to spend a ton of money leading up to the day–with that said, Stephanie didn’t allow that to happen because we worked out EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING from day 1. Leading up to the wedding, I was cool as a cucumber because I had her by my side.

The wedding was perfect, everyone had a BLAST and Stephanie truly went WAY above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Our friends and family are still talking about how much fun they had that night and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing! Thank you, Stefanie & YWYW!


Client Testimonial

OUR WEDDING WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT STEFANIE!!! I had no idea what went into wedding coordination until this year, and I’m telling you- this is the best thing we could have ever spent our money on. Stefanie and Cara are the BEST. 5-star service, lovable, responsive, professional, confident, experienced and overall amazing. There is no crisis they can’t handle, and most importantly, Stefanie helped us finalize a lot of details that we weren’t sure about. She gave thoughtful suggestions without any pressure. Stefanie is all about making your wedding the BEST DAY EVER.

I was so stressed out coming into the last months before our wedding. Our services started 30 days out, and Stefanie literally swooped in and took all my stress off my plate. She has every single detail written out to make sure your vision is executed perfectly. There is a diagram created for the floor plan, the table setting, the seating arrangements- you name it. She handled all of my vendors and finalized every detail with them (details like when they will arrive and leave & how much I owed them etc), and SHE EVEN PICKED UP MY MACARON WEDDING FAVORS!!! I was so stressed on sending one of my bridesmaids to pick them up, and she took the initiative to pick them up AND hand deliver my final payment to my bakery. This is the white glove service I’m talking about here. She’s like a fairy godmother!

During the weekend of the wedding, Cara stepped in to handle the ceremony rehearsal and she was fantastic!!! She took charge of a large room of people and got us all informed in less than 45 min. I felt 100% at ease. There was some confusion as to who should sit where since the room was tight, and she handled it so calmly and smoothly. She asked me a few questions and that was it- she had it handled!

The day of the wedding was a dream. Every single detail was perfectly executed. Stefanie is just this beam of sunshine and organization. She has every diagram and spreadsheet on hand to help guide guests and bridal party members to where they need to be. My decor and vision was better than I even imagined. During the wedding, she is cool as a cucumber and will talk you through every step of the way. I am so so glad I paid extra for late night leave b/c her team was able to pack up all my things for me and I could leave the night stress free. I literally fell in love with this woman during this process and you would be silly to not hire her.

Client Testimonial

Going into my relationship with Stefanie, I thought she had it made. Like, this was totally easy money for her. I’d worked for almost a year planning every detail of the wedding, so all she was gonna do was sit on a gilded throne and point vendors in the right direction, right? NOPE.

On the actual day, I came to realize that my work, while important, was nothing compared to what must be done to execute the plan. I’d actually grimaced a little while cutting the check thinking it was probably too much for what I needed help with. Now I realize that’s crazy talk. I should really pay her more for all she did to make our day spectacular despite the challenges of an inbred troglodytic location manager and a sudden hailstorm that threatened to derail our outdoor ceremony and dinner.

I’d wanted to do everything myself, but I came to realize how impossible that is. And, for the record, we had a small wedding that was far from fancy, but we could not have done it without Stefanie and her team. Her patience and attention to detail make her the ideal wedding coordinator. Knowing she was on the case gave me a peace of mind that was worth every penny.

So, unless you want to:
a) get married at city hall and have a potluck
b) lose all your hair and sanity and miss out on enjoying your wedding
You need to hire Stefanie.