Tara Welch Photography

Bright, Colorful, Classic

Tara Welch Photography offers contemporary portraiture and documentary coverage. My clients choose me because of my bright, colorful, playful style and my ability to balance non-forced creative imagery with classic poses.

Austin wedding photographer Tara Welch Photography
Image provided by Tara Welch Photography

Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Photographers in Austin Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Austin wedding photographer Tara, from Tara Welch Photography.

Where have you been featured?

I’ve been on many of the wedding blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes and also in print a few times in The Knot and Brides of Austin. My wonderful online gallery company, Shootproof, has also featured me a few times. They are amazing. I was one of Rangefinder Magazine’s ”30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography” in 2014 and that was by far my favorite honor and feature. : )

Why do couples love working with you?

I’m a true extrovert and genuinely excited to meet new people and chat with them. I’m also very, very directive and am great at family wrangling, making things happen on time but sensitive to the needs of individuals. My clients also choose me because they know I will pose them in a way that looks contemporary but also flattering and timeless. I do instruct people how to pose, where to put their hands, how to move their face to prevent double chins….etc. I see a lot of beautifully done creative editing to photos but I personally try to keep natural colors and tones, especially for weddings. Nothing looks like an Instagram filter was applied. As someone who was a ‘victim’ to the Photoshop selective coloring of the 90’s, I try to edit my photos so they remain classic, not cheesy in 15 years.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

Besides all the bad dance moves I get to document? I love all the little moments of a wedding day. People focus on the ceremony but there are so many just great small moments. With no ego here, I feel wedding photography is extremely important for family history.

How did you get started?

I have a fine arts degree from the University of North Texas. At the time I was using photographic processes to create contemporary printmaking. I’m classically trained in old school film photography and darkroom processes but moved to digital after college. I moved to Hawaii in my twenties and started photographing food and products for a few companies there. In my late 20’s (when all of my friends started getting married) I noticed wedding photography getting more and more creative and wanted to go in that direction. I dressed my friends up in cheap white prom dresses and tacky veils and started to learn more about lighting and posing.

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Bright, colorful, classic. In my head, I think of my business as the most perfectly tailored bright yellow dress.

What budget range do you cater to?

Mid to high budget. I do photograph a decent amount of weekday elopements as well.

Client Testimonial

Tara is incredible! My husband and I chose her for our elopement ceremony and ‘day-after’ shoot (which ended up being months after) after seeing the great Yelp reviews and perusing her website and Instagram to get a sense of her style. The overall experience was fantastic! Both my husband and I really don’t like posed photos much, and Tara did a great job of making us feel comfortable and giving us tips to help us look more relaxed. We got married in June and did our second shoot in the winter. In the first shoot, my husband was sweating like crazy and in the 2nd, I was freezing my butt off. And yet, the pictures turned out amazing! You’d have no idea the temperature was any different between the 2 sets of pictures. In addition to my expectations of a photographer in general (getting good lighting, posing, etc.), she also knows Austin very well. She provided feedback on where it’s good and not good to take pictures, time of day, advice on what to wear, etc. She is very detail oriented! She showed up early both times, continually provided us updates, and generally, she’s a very sweet, outgoing person so the whole process was much more relaxed than I expected. As I said, I’m not one to jump at the chance of taking a ton of photos but Tara made the whole process way more fun/relaxed than I thought it could be! Highly recommend! Thanks Tara for the awesome pictures and overall great experience!


Client Testimonial

Tara is an AMAZING photographer and selecting her as was one of the reasons our wedding was so perfect! From the moment we emailed her and video chatted with her, we knew she was the person we wanted to capture the happiest day of our lives. Her personality and style of photography meshed very well with our personality: artsy, vibrant, and lively. For both our engagement and wedding photos she showed up early and scouted the area. She had a vision in mind when it came to photographing us and explained it very clearly every step of the way. Doing business with her was simple because she is easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. For anyone looking for arguably the best photographer in Austin and San Antonio, look no further! Go with Tara and you will not be disappointed! We are SO pumped for our wedding photos to come out. Thanks Tara!!!!! -Natalie

Client Testimonial

I don’t even know where to start. Tara is such a talented photographer and an all-around wonderful, funny, easy-going person. My husband and I felt she had a particular style that really worked for us – very easygoing, artistic but not anything too weird and she does an incredible job of capturing a moment that happens without her doing a ton to stage it – she really just brings out the natural chemistry of life. She really captured us and the energy that exists between us in our relationship. All of her images are very real. Tara did our engagement photos in Austin (in August, in 105 degree heat!) and was a total pro. Working with her was a dream. It was our first time being photographed together and she directed us really well, and let us be ourselves.

The images turned out incredible, and she really gave us the looks we were after – including some cute shots in front of major Austin street art. Of course, Tara also shot our wedding for us and it honestly felt just like having a friend there. Like I said, she really is a joy to have around – she got along super well with all our guests, she does a great job of managing/directing people with enough command that they listen, but not so much that she’s a drill sergeant. People just like her – they were telling me how cool our photographer is! She is. We ended up with some really amazing shots of moments unfolding, particularly during the ceremony and the reception. The more staged shots (family photos, etc) turned out great, too, although those are really just for our parents. 🙂 Towards the end of the night when we had an epic dance party during our reception, Tara was on the dance floor, sneaking in between groups of dancing drunk people, grooving a little bit, and snapping amazing photos of all the fun.

She’s also really professional and responsive via email and text, and she had our photos done exactly on time for both our engagement and wedding. I really can’t say enough good things about her. If you love the photos on her website like we did, and you dig her laid-back, candid style, just hire her! You won’t regret it for a second.