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Heart, Humor, Honesty

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I specialize in life events and visual storytelling; I’m interested in creating something real for you. Vibrant, honest images with emotional impact. The weird, the wild, and the whimsical are all my forte.

best Philadelphia wedding photographers Wide Eyed Studios
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Editor’s Note: for this Best Philadelphia Wedding Photographers Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ashley, from Wide Eyed Studios.

Where have you been featured?

The Knot, Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine, Borrowed and Blue, Fearless Photographers, Philly.com and many small online blogs.

Why do couples love working with you?

I think couples enjoy working with me because I’m just a regular person; I laugh and joke and get emotional at emotional moments. I’ve always believed that others won’t feel anything when they look at my images if I don’t feel anything when I capture the image. When I photograph someone, I try to imagine what their lover, their family, their friends see in them, what they themselves value in themselves, and try to capture that feeling.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

I love adapting my sight to a new situation and learning about someone else’s story. I love looking too closely at people and their relationships and their love. I like to push myself, to learn and to grow from my peers with their different perspectives and backgrounds. I love the challenge of photographing new and unconventional subjects and the thrill of an unknown shooting environment. I especially love photographing members of the same family, seeing how their expressions and facial features and physical habits mirror each other. Weddings, in particular, are so fascinating to me: other than birth and death, weddings are one of the only other traditions that almost all cultures across time and place share. I have such an intimate role; I am invited into some of the most emotional moments in a person’s life and asked to make those memories permanent, real, and beautiful. It is at once terrifying and amazing.

How did you get started?

I started in Visual Anthropology and Gender Studies and loved studying the ways people expressed deep human elements like love, joy, and family. Sure that an image can say more and communicate these human ideas better across cultures than through words, I got a Masters of Arts in Photojournalism from Boston University. After my degrees, I focused on weddings for a while, and when I opened my own business 5 years ago, I expanded to documenting all aspects of life and art, including bumps, births, babies and families, non-profits, theater, art, music, and parties.

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Heart, Humor and Honesty.

What budget range do you cater to?

I try my best to create packages that work for people who love the way I see things. I’ve done as little as one hour on a wedding day for $350 (shoot and edited images included), and up to 3 days (a rehearsal dinner, a 13 hr wedding day and a day after brunch and portrait session for roughly $5500). No matter how much or how little time I’m with my clients, I know every moment can be important. I always strive to make the most of my time with you to create something beautiful and memorable.

Client Testimonial

Ashley is an amazing artist and photographer! We hired her for our wedding after following her on Facebook for a few months and witnessing her amazing talent! By the end of our wedding, she truly felt like part of our family and friends, blowing kisses on her way out! She made the photo taking process painless and is super fast! Before the wedding, she will ask you about any portraits you want and write everyone’s name down so the day of the wedding, she is organized and helps round up everyone! We were so happy with our beautiful wedding photographs, both the portraits and the candid shots. Our only regret was not having her do an engagement shoot for us! We met her the day of our wedding and she is lovely! I’d recommend to her anyone to capture their wedding/engagement and once she does your wedding or engagement, you will want her to capture any other important family functions/moments! Also, while she is based in PA, she traveled to Wilmington, DE for us and I know she does travel!

-Kerry L., 2015 Wedding

Client Testimonial

Ashley is amazing! She has a beautiful and powerful aesthetic, incredible eye for light and color, and a wonderfully creative imagination to direct fabulous shots. She took advantage of all the one-of-a-kind features of the location, from the landscape to the furniture, props and lighting. She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera, has a great sense of humor, and was extremely mindful of all our unique family situations during the event. She stayed at the house with us and it was like she was part of the family! She got to know everyone and was even a source of reassurance and support to me during the stressful moments leading up to the main event! In addition to the wedding, we did a private portrait session with her, and I also had the opportunity to follow up with a boudoir shoot. Every shoot has been so much fun and resulted in incredible photos that capture our personalities in stunning composition.

-Tamara & Mike, 2013 Wedding, Day After, and Boudoir

Client Testimonial

Ashley isn’t just a photographer – she’s a storyteller. She has an uncanny ability to capture true personalities and life in the moments…real moments of tenderness, warmth, and sentiment, of hilarity and absurdity, and pure joy. From the minute you meet Ashley she makes you feel comfortable and is truly gifted in making even the most nervous of subjects (e.g. fiancés or grooms) relax and have fun. What I love most about Ashley is she isn’t afraid to take risks with her photography and can adapt to any situation. She’ll climb on chairs, boxes, ledges, get down in the dirt, sprint up a bridge or run out into a hurricane (yes that really happened) to get the perfect shot. She is full of energy, enthusiasm and is unique in the best ways possible. You can tell photography isn’t just business for her. It’s passion and genuine enjoyment for what she does. She listens to what you want and its translated beautifully in the finished product. What’s more is she almost becomes a part of your family from your first meeting, to your engagement shots to your wedding and well after. I find myself recommending Ashley’s work wherever I go – whether it be for engagements, weddings, babies, corporate work or events. She’s just that good. Thank you, Ashley, for making the entire process memorable from start to finish!

-Marissa, Client since 2012 (Engagement, Wedding, Bump, Baby, and Family)