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Bold, Dramatic, Contemporary

We specialize in event & documentary photography, including lifestyle, engagement, wedding, portraits and family shoots.

New York City wedding photographer Matthew Sowa Photography
Image provided by Matthew Sowa Photography

Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Photographers in NYC Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew, from Matthew Sowa Photography.

Where have you been featured?

CONTEMPORARY BRIDE, SOUTHERN BRIDE, CARATS & CAKE, Style Me Pretty, Rangefinder, Zankyou, AISLE PERFECT, LIweddings, MEMORABLE INDIAN WEDDINGS, WellWed Hamptons, WEDINSIPRE, FILTERGRADE, BRIDAL STYLE BOUTIQUE, The Knot , Wedding Wire, JIM COUTURE, LA BRIDE, BEST OF WEDDING. As well in professional world class wedding associations like ISPWP, WPS, WPPI Fearless photographers, and many more not related to wedding photography.

Why do couples love working with you?

I believe I have a trustworthy, dependable, and strong work ethic. I talk and consult with all my clients before diving head first into a shoot because I want to make sure that all their needs are met, and that we are both heading towards an artistic vision all parties are content with. Everything is about trust since there is nothing more important than developing a good relationship with a client. Also, my work is fresh and unique, and many clients like me for my dramatic, contemporary style.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

There is no greater feeling than helping a bride and groom to capture the most important, and spectacular moments in their lives. Since every day is different in the wedding world, one of my favorite things is using my creative, adaptive, mind.

How did you get started?

I graduated college with a degree in photography and started working as a photojournalist for various newspapers. My background started out in documentary, but I developed an interest in an unobtrusive style in wedding photography, shooting my first wedding for close friends. Since then, I have pursued wedding photography for the past decade.

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Bold, Dramatic, Contemporary

What budget range do you cater to?

The budget range begins at $5,500 and up, depends on how I can accomplish the client’s vision, as well as what the client is willing to spend on additional services and products.

Client Testimonial

If you are looking for high-quality wedding photos that can be featured in top magazines then Matthew Sowa and his team are amazing!! They will not stop taking pictures…I don’t even remember them taking a break at our wedding. They captured every person I invited to the wedding and every moment I hoped to see in print. I was so impressed with his work that I wish I was getting married again to get even more pictures. All the photographs really capture the moment in a fun, drama-filled and/or romantic way. Matt see’s what no one else sees…until you get the images after your wedding is over…then you really appreciate the talent he has. He is not an ordinary photographer…he is an artist that always has to get that perfect shot…it really shows in the final outcome.


Client Testimonial

My husband and I recently got married in May 2014. Matt’s service was nothing short of amazing! He was attentive throughout the whole process and we could not be happier with the result. Matt has a master eye and captures moments that you could not even imagine. When we received our albums, we were truly in awe of what he produced. We highly recommend reserving Matt for your special day as he is a master in what he does. Incredible talent! Thank you, Matt!!


Client Testimonial

In our search for a photographer for our wedding, my husband and I interviewed several candidates. The process of viewing portfolio after portfolio left us, to say the very least, overwhelmed. There were a number of talented photographers with bodies of work that were in their own ways both beautiful and interesting, yet there was something holding us back from making a decision. It was then that we met with Matthew Sowa and we finally understood what it was that was subconsciously fueling our reservations with respect to the other candidates. The other photographers had delightful portfolios, but Matthew’s work went beyond the realm of what one thinks of when considering wedding photography. Every moment that he captured turned out to be much more than a static representation of an event— each image was alive with energy and embodied the unbridled happiness that my husband, our guests and myself felt on that day. Beautifully orchestrated photos that pulsed with emotion far surpassed any of the other works that we had looked at during our initial search. In addition to Matthew’s obvious ability to capture a plethora of moments and create beautiful, in essence, “living” memories of our wedding, coupled with his beaming, enthusiastic and accommodating personality, made him an absolute pleasure to work with. Matthew is an individual whose passion for his craft shines through his work. His personality and the zest with which he commits himself to creating works that transcend traditional photography is what elevates his work to a place of beauty that will evoke the same emotions captured in that moment for many years to come.

-Christina and Eugene