Love In Theory

Editorial, Honest, Sultry

Love in Theory Photography is a multi-award winning company that specializes in non-traditional, modern, and editorial style wedding and portrait photography.

Editor’s Note: for this Best NYC Wedding Photographers Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jacquie, from Love In Theory.

Where have you been featured?

Brooklyn Bride, Rock & Roll Bride, Loverly, Ruffled, Equally Wed, Say Yes to the Dress, Intimate Weddings, Poptastic Bride, Bitchless Bride, The Knot, Carats & Cake, Fun Sized Weddings (Print Published), Soda Fountain (Print Published)

Why do couples love working with you?

I get it. I get people. I’ve seen a lot, and the more you’ve seen in life, the more you understand yourself and others. I’m extraordinarily calm, easy going, lighthearted but honest and to the point. I lend my time generously in order to really know who I am photographing and what makes them interesting and sets them apart from everyone else. And since everyone has a different love story, those stories deserve to be told in a way that does full justice to them. The amount of comfort clients feel with me during a shoot should feel like spending the afternoon with a friend (a friend who’s also really great at photography).

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

I believe that there are two components to being a wedding photographer. The first and obvious part is the technical side: understanding your equipment well and producing quality work. The other part is emotional. I am fortunate enough to be in a profession where new people constantly enter my life, and often times stay in my life. Each couple means two people – two uniquely different individuals with their own thoughts, personalities, quirks, type of smile and laughter…and their story. To me, this is incredible. It’s an incredible opportunity for someone(s) to come to me, and to trust me to share and look deeply into a truly intricate and intimate part of their lives. They trust me to tell their story in my own way, to portray them with a beauty and raw honesty, and in doing so, being able to understand them both as two individuals soon coming together as a whole. Being able to constantly practice a sense of empathy, of comfort, understanding, and compassion…and to be trusted with visually translating all of these intimate emotions…that is the part I love most, and value most.

How did you get started?

My interests originally were in fashion photography. I had worked at several agencies. However, my first job out of university was as an associate editor for a high-end wedding studio and my next job afterward was also as a lead editor and associate photographer. I realized how much I loved being able to work with new people in a much more lighthearted environment, while still being able to maintain a sense of style and glamour in my work.

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Editorial, Honest, Sultry

What budget range do you cater to?

Middle to Higher Range. $3800 + for our most popular (and typical) wedding package.

Client Testimonial

Let me start out by saying Love In Theory is the best wedding photographer out there. Look no further brides and grooms. As a bride, my #1 priority was finding a photographer who would I could trust enough to provide me with photos to capture some of the most special moments of my life. Photography was more important to me than any other vendor (including food and music, and I love food and dancing). After in-depth research, I kept going back to Love In Theory. Not just because of their exceptional value, responsiveness, the calming effect of Jacquie’s beautiful, warm personality but the pure talent and the love and light that shines through in her photographs. She has a way with capturing the most magical and fairytale-like moments. Her use of color and light come through in every shot. Trust me- just look at her site! My experience working with Jacquie & crew was sheer perfection from start to finish. My husband Tom and I received such an outpouring of positive response from our guests, bridal party and social media friends. Everyone we know has raved about our pictures from Love In Theory but not as much as we can. If anyone needs a recommendation, this is it. Jacquie is an artist and a professional. You are in the best hands with Love In Theory. Aside from her spectacular photography, her attention to detail is exceptional. All of our photos were delivered to us in the most adorable, thoughtful way. Anyone who was blessed enough to work with her knows what I mean by that. We fell in love with Jacquie from day one and now she is a friend to us. I posted about this photographer in the past after she shot our engagement photos because I already trusted that she would deliver the same results for our wedding. Jacquie- who I will always refer to as the Queen of Photography- we love you! Thank you and your team for being there as our most treasured photographer, our most sane, reliable vendor, and now our friend.

Love always, M&T

Client Testimonial

They say to choose the 3 most important things to focus on when planning a wedding. You can’t have the best of everything when working with a budget. We decided that a great photographer was definitely in the top 3 priorities. After weeks of thoroughly researching photographers and meeting with a few in person, my heart kept going back to Love in Theory’s, Jacquie Lew because of her beautiful use of color, light and romantic & whimsical vision that comes through in all of her photos. After meeting Jacquie in person to get to know each other over coffee, we felt instantly calmed from her laid-back, West-Coast personality and her top-notch professionalism. We knew we found the one. A week later, we shot our engagement photos 3 days before Jacquie was leaving for an extended trip. To our shock, she made the time to send us our photos the day after the shoot despite her upcoming trip. We also received the thumb drive in the mail just days later. It came in the CUTEST packaging. Jacquie really pays attention to the little things and made us feel so special (refer to her blog!). After all that, this is the best part: Our. Pictures. Were. Amazing! We went into the shoot feeling like we would be total stiffs in front of the camera and somehow Jacquie made us relaxed and that came through in the pictures 10 fold. We are pretty much obsessed with them and now have 5 of them going on our Save The Dates because we can’t narrow them down any further. All my friends have been raving about her work. Some brides have contacted me for her info already. The wedding is in a few months and I’m confident that I will have even more amazing things to say after that day. Overall, we adore Jacquie and feel like she’s not only our talented photographer, but our friend. We are so lucky and blessed that we found her. Jacquie

– Thank you x a million! – L&D

Client Testimonial

Jacquie absolutely made my engagement session vision come true! Since I am having a December wedding, I wanted to be able to take the engagement session in the snow. Lo and behold, snow storm Jonas bellowed. Jacquie braved the storm with us and delivered amazing photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. She is such a doll to work with! She’s completely down to earth and have a keen eye for detail. She even took the time to help choose my outfit. I can’t wait to work with her during the wedding!