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Candid, Emotional, Real


We provide a high-end product without a stuffy high-end attitude. We believe in being your truest self, and that’s what we bring in our business.


Charlotte wedding photographer Gandee Photography
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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Photographers in Charlotte Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan, from Gandee Photography.

Where have you been featured?

Wedding Wire’s blog. Charlotte Home and Garden Magazine.

Why do couples love working with you?

I think it goes back to our first answer. WE CARE. We really do try to get to know our couples and provide the best experience possible, and very often that experience is unique to each couple. I don’t want to give away any of our secrets because we would want potential clients to be surprised by what we do if they were to book us, but the relationships we build is why people love us. We have a very strong sense of who we are and that’s what we are selling. We aren’t selling our photos (ok so maybe a little) but at the end of the day, the only thing we can offer that every other photographer can’t is us.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

This one is easy. The couples we work with is why we love this. This job allows us the chance to get to know some really amazing people. We don’t even like referring to them as “clients” because that word feels too business-y. We put real effort and time into getting to know our couples so when their wedding day arrives it’s almost as if we are there as invited guests, not as another vendor. Plenty of past couples have remained friends to this day, and that’s pretty freaking awesome.

How did you get started?

I (Ryan) did a year abroad in Australia in college. It was here I discovered that I really enjoyed taking pictures. However, it just kind of remained a hobby as I was working full-time for ESPN in Bristol, CT. It wasn’t until Lacey and I had been dating for a few years that I was finally convinced to give it a real go. So in 2014, we shot our first wedding. We moved from CT to the Charlotte area later that summer so we had to put it on hold for a bit. In 2015 we became an official LLC and since then it’s been gaining momentum as people in this area are seeing not only the quality work we put out but how we treat our couples and the other vendors we work with.

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Candid. Emotional. Real.

What budget range do you cater to?

We are slightly higher than the average Charlotte wedding pro, with our clients’ budget ranging from $3500-$5000.

Client Testimonial

It feels a little odd to write a “customer review” for Ryan and Lacey, mainly because throughout all of our interactions with them, my wife Chelsea and I have never felt like their customers. Rather, we went straight to being their friends, which with them is easy to do! In poring over various wedding photographers, their work had stood out to us both in terms of attention to detail and the sheer amount of emotion contained in each image. A quick glance over their website and I’m sure you will agree, Gandee Photography is second to none. So we were confident that they would be amazing photographers, but we were entirely unprepared for what amazing people they would prove to be!

We had initially shared a lunch with the Gandees to discuss our upcoming wedding and they immediately became invested in our story; asking questions, smiling, and laughing as we told them how we had first met. Their love for each other is apparent and it has a way of making you look forward to your own marriage that much more. From our first get-together and in every email, phone call, video chat, and photo shoot since, we have never felt like anything other than their absolute top priority. Planning a wedding can be a tall order, especially if your day-to-day life is quite busy. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to have Ryan and Lacey in our corner leading up to the big day. They work so splendidly as a team, bouncing ideas off each other and using their environment to create beautiful pieces of art. Many of their photos will live with us for the rest of our lives, wonderful symbols of our love and affection for each other.

As customers, Chelsea and I have never felt more justified and pleased by a purchase in our entire lives. But then again, maybe we aren’t customers at all. 😉 Ryan and Lacey are the absolute best kind of people: thoughtful, caring, and masters of their craft. Five stars is simply not enough! Reach out to them and you’ll quickly find out why.


Client Testimonial

We cannot say enough wonderful things about Ryan and Lacey; they are phenomenal and talented photographers and even better people. We planned our wedding from across the country (we live in Los Angeles and the wedding was held in N.C.) and the Gandees were always accommodating of these circumstances. They Facetimed with us on our time, even if it meant staying up late for them, they were constantly in contact through e-mail and took the time to send handwritten notes through the mail. Personal touches like these are stamped on everything they do and it let us know for sure that photography is their passion, not their business. In fact, we can assure you that they were equally as excited about our wedding as we were! And as the day approached and North Carolina passed HB2 into law, Ryan and Lacey voiced their disappointment and outrage publicly making us feel that our special celebration could not be intruded upon by this offensive new law. We felt that it was a matter the two of them would see to personally, because of the energy and truth they invested into the defense of same-sex love and marriage. Ours would be the first same-sex wedding they shot, but their public post made it clear that they were not a business that would ever discriminate despite the law’s allowance of it. Simply put, they love love and they are a shining example of it.

Ryan and Lacey work together seamlessly, communicating almost without words. They made us look forward to a marriage as giving and understanding as theirs. On the day of the wedding, they were professional and efficient, but honestly we regarded them more as our guests than one of our vendors. Photography was one of the most important aspects of our wedding and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Literally every photo they delivered is stunning, because they captured the soul of our celebration. Every detail had a story and they listened with intent so they could fully share in our vision. They captured our hearts!


Client Testimonial

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was using Gandee Photography. Every step of the way they went above and beyond and provided us with the most outstanding photos. Ryan and Lacey work so well as a team and capture every moment. We used them for a wedding in Connecticut (they’re based in Charlotte) and they were on top of all communication/skype/facetime so that it felt like they were next door and not 1000 miles south during the planning and post-wedding discussions. All of this customer service is great but their photos really speak for themselves. We had a blast putting together our wedding album and they took so many great shots we had a lot of trouble narrowing it down to 60 pages. Do yourself a favor and book Gandee Photography and know you made a great decision that you won’t regret.