Marc Pagani Photography

Documentary, Spontaneous, Artistic

Marc Pagani Photography has been artfully capturing the situations you experience on your wedding day for 20 years – but not in a stiff, prefabricated way…we figure if we’re gonna spend the day with you, we should have some fun.

New Orleans wedding photographer Marc Pagani Photography
Image provided by Marc Pagani Photography

Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Photographers in New Orleans Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Marc, from Marc Pagani Photography.

Where have you been featured?

Shutterbug Magazine, PPA Magazine, and on numerous websites.

Why do couples love working with you?

I’m very laid-back and easy to get along with while simultaneously knowing when to take charge and get the shot that I pre-visualize. I’ve had many couples comment that I was very “stealth”…I got great shots without them even realizing I was taking those shots.

What do you love most about being a wedding photographer?

I love wedding photography for several reasons. I like the fact that every wedding is another personal challenge to be as creative as possible. In a wedding, I get to work within a wide variety of photographic specialties: food photography, high fashion, still life, candid portraiture, etc. Lastly, it doesn’t suck that I get to hang out at a big, fancy party with a couple on what is likely the happiest day of their lives

How did you get started?

I taught myself photography in 1994. I was a Music Therapist, working with kids in a residential setting. The place where I worked had a full darkroom that I had access to. I learned the basics (aperture, shutter speed, lens choice, composition, the Zone System for exposure, etc) and started developing my own film and prints. I shot both of my sisters’ weddings in 1997, 20 years ago, and I was hooked. I then assisted and second shot for a Chicago wedding photographer. That led to becoming an associate photographer for another Chicago wedding photographer, shooting full weddings by myself for him. I built a website in 2000 and began booking my own weddings. It blew up from there. I now have 3 associate photographers who shoot for me.

What are some of the challenges you face when photographing weddings?

The most challenging thing I’ve noticed lately that occurs during a wedding shoot is related to smartphone cameras. I find I have to push my way through a crowd of people gathered around something that is happening in order to get the shot, and, in doing so, have to avoid people who are not paying attention to me or the thing that is happening, but, instead, paying attention to their phone screens.

It’s also challenging sometimes when there’s little organization done by the couple, or bridesmaids/groomsmen, or coordinator, and the bride and groom look to me to make decisions about the flow of the day. That causes me to have to change roles and focus less on photography and more on logistics, which doesn’t serve the couple well.

What 3 words best describe your wedding photography style?

Documentary, Spontaneous, Artistic

What budget range do you cater to?

My packages start at $2500

Client Testimonial

Marc is a wonderful photographer. He is a consummate professional and was very helpful during the booking process. Marc offers an assortment of packages and price points that can suit anyone’s needs. The day of the wedding, we had a great time shooting both portrait and action shots of the day. Not to mention, the photographs are beyond beautiful! I would recommend Marc Pagani Photography for any NOLA wedding or event that you would like memorialized forever! I know we will cherish the photos and videos Marc took for the rest of our lives! Thank you, Marc!


Client Testimonial

Wow! I can’t believe how incredibly happy I am with my wedding photos. First off, my husband and I started out with some pretty off the wall Engagement pictures. My husband is in film school so we decided to do movie themes at a warehouse that houses old movie sets, Movie Sets Venue in Slidell. He totally understood what we were going for and was able to capture everything we wanted. And the wedding pictures!!! I am not one for traditional posed pictures and I had discussed this with Marc. I wanted pictures that caught the moment and the feel of the night. He did just that. I was so pleased and am so glad in a city with so many photographers I chose Marc.


Client Testimonial

Marc and his assistant just know when to snap that camera! Incredible how little moments are captured is such real “un-posed” ways. We had massive Oak trees in the background and the created effect made us look like we were stepping out of a painting. So real, yet artistic. This is why we chose Marc Pagani Photography and this is what we got. We also found Marc easy to work with and very friendly. He understood what we wanted to achieve in our pictures and he delivered. I also think the product – the artistry and professionalism – is great value for the dollar. I highly recommend Marc Pagani Photography and we are so happy with our choice.