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Your love story will be unlike any other. Whether you want to write it all on your own or would enjoy planning with us from beginning to end, we offer a variety of personalized experiences to align with your unique planning vision.

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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Planners in Chicago Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole, from Storybook Weddings & Events.

What types of weddings do you specialize in?

We specialize in all forms or weddings from DIY to luxury and upscale. We understand that everyone has their desired budget and we pride ourselves in working with all varieties of styles and budgets.

Why do couples love working with you?

We love celebrating the engagement journey as much as we do the wedding day. This is the time that you have to write a beautiful love story that leads up to a grand final chapter and we want to be there with you to keep you stress-free and enjoying each moment along the way.

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

We love the sentimental experiences with our couples the most. We are the lucky ones that get to spend those last moments behind the chapel doors before our bride walks down the aisle to her future. It is in these moments along the way, (the engagement parties, the “I said YES to the dress” text, the cheers to booking the wedding date !)that we get to share with them along the way that makes this journey together so much more than just planning a wedding.

Client Testimonial

Nicole and Lindsay were absolutely amazing coordinators!! They made sure our day went by flawlessly. They helped a ton with arranging the day, reminding me of what I needed to do as the wedding got closer, and then had our day run perfectly! They were on top of everything and so timely in their responses. I’m not sure how we would’ve gotten through the day without them! You definitely need this group to help with your wedding!

-Melanie, August 2015

Client Testimonial

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that, after we hired Nicole, every phone call my mom and I had about the wedding ended with the two us agreeing that booking Nicole was the best decision we made for this event. Nicole and her team are competent, insightful, creative, accommodating, and supportive. They are so organized, so purposeful, so precise that meeting with them always clarified my vision and ideas. Anyone planning a wedding knows how overwhelming those little decisions (menus, guest book, cake topper, signage, on and on and on) can be.

My habit was to get carried away with those decisions, descending into a Pinterest and Etsy coma as I overcomplicated each step. Whenever I spoke with Nicole, our conversation refined my ideas, helping me to remember my overall vision and start to see how all of these little pieces would come together in the final schedule and setup.

The day before the wedding, Nicole dropped by our hotel to pick up our favors, centerpieces, family photos, games, sand ceremony jars, again on and on and on (the trunk of her SUV was completely packed), and, because Nicole had proven to be so capable and meticulous through every step of the planning process, I felt an instant wave of relief. Now, the wedding my family and fiance and I had worked for was in her competent hands and I could just relax and soak in the next two days. Nicole is keyed in and proactive throughout the process. For example, as my bridesmaids and I were getting hair and makeup, I asked my maid of honor to check in on a groomsman and his missing suit. Nicole heard me ask and immediately took over, again leaving me free of any worry. On the wedding day, when we needed the DJ to adhere more to our list, Nicole was again our ally.

Nicole is as warm as she is professional, making me feel comfortable to email about any detail and to bounce ideas off of her and her team. She understands what a bride and groom need: her suggestion to spend some time alone with my husband after the ceremony (with a cocktail and a plate of hors-d’oeuvres in a loft space just up the stairs from where our guests where cocktailing) provided some of my favorite moments of the night. That time alone was so necessary and so memorable, and is just one of the many reasons I wish Nicole could coordinate my entire life.

-Kelly, July 2015

Client Testimonial

“Nicole and the whole storybook team are amazing! I had an incredibly complicated wedding day complete with two ceremonies taking place in multiple locations, not to mention it being a terribly windy, cold and rainy day. Nicole, Lindsay and Lisa coordinated everything flawlessly so that I could spend the whole day actually getting married. Without them, I would not have been able to enjoy the most perfect wedding and the most perfect day of my life!”

-Kim, May 2015