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AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT is a creative DJ company run by music lovers for music lovers.


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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding DJs in Atlanta Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Hollon ‘DJ Bigg H’, from Amp’d Entertainment.

Where have you been featured?

Our events have been featured on The Knot, Weddingwire, Offbeat Bride, Modern Luxury, Jezebel, Atlanta Weddings, Style Me Pretty, The Atlantan, Borrowed and Blue, and countless other sites and blogs. Our DJs have also been featured in Creative Loafing, Billboard, Mobile Beat, Mash Up Your Bootz, Hype Machine, Mashstix, as well as various radio stations across the world!

AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT was featured on the Entertainment Experts panel of Modern Luxury Weddings’ 10th Anniversary issue and we were also selected in their Top 5 Entertainment companies in Atlanta.

Why do couples love working with you?

Our signature approach, REMIX’D WEDDINGS, is all about two things: personal attention and creativity. We spend far more time than any other company genuinely getting to know our clients. We want to get to know them so that we can focus on and highlight what is special for them. We truly believe that no two couples are alike, so no two weddings should sound the same.

We play tons of public events and host our own monthly social (Monday Mashup), so there are a lot of opportunities for our clients to see us in action and share their feedback and preferences. Then we use our creative approach to present the things that are uniquely personal about our clients in a way that feels familiar and inclusive to their guests. Using live remixes, mashups, scratching, and sampling, we update the classics and put a fresh spin on their favorite tunes. Quick mixes mean you get to hear more songs overall and a focus on keeping the mix eclectic prevents “genre fatigue”.

What do you love most about being a wedding DJ?

It’s seriously the best job EVER! Any DJ who tells you otherwise is doing it wrong. Awesome people pay us to throw a super dope party every weekend. Seeing the joy in their faces and knowing you changed their lives is powerful. We also work with the coolest clients around and they are always turning us on to new music. That’s why we all started DJing to begin with, to share great music!

How did you get started?

Most of our DJs got their start by being music lovers at an early age and I was no different. When I was a kid in NC, my parents would always put me in charge of the music when they threw parties. They had great taste as well, so I could play just about anything. That led to making really laborious and complicated cut and paste mixtapes and giving them to girlfriends.

In college, my girl was working at a local sports bar and they were looking for someone to cover for their DJ when he was on vacation. After two nights of spinning, they told me that they fired the old DJ and the job was mine. I felt bad for the other guy, but that started my career. Bars led to clubs, clubs became residencies, and eventually, I was doing weddings for my friends as they coupled up. After moving to ATL, I partnered up with Mike Walsh and we created AMP’D ENTERTAINMENT as it exists today. Now I have the honor of heading up this company we built and it’s truly been an incredible journey.

What 3 words best describe your DJ’ing style?

Creative. Eclectic. Clever.

What’s your setup like? 

A lot of DJs are equipment snobs, but we are not. I think the only thing that matters is the product you deliver to your clients. If you can do that on a rinky-dink Fisher Price setup, then more power to you. A terrible DJ on expensive equipment doesn’t impress anyone. But most pro DJs will naturally gravitate to the higher end equipment because it typically offers more features. Personally, I have an affinity for the feel of vinyl and use a DJ controller with a spinning platter that pretty accurately replicates that. It offers a ton of features that you can’t get from a two turntable setup and it’s smaller, lighter, and more portable. But you better believe that we always have our eye on the next big thing…

What budget range do you cater to?

Our prices range from $1195-3495 depending on the package, day of the week, and equipment needed. Most of our clients seek us out for our REMIX’D WEDDINGS experience which runs $1995. But all of our packages are all-inclusive, covering you for the entire event with music, equipment, hours, travel, etc. We also have an online planning service that makes entering requests and music preferences super easy.

Our philosophy is to keep it simple for our clients. We know they don’t get married every weekend, but we do! The whole reason you hire experts is for them to tell you what you need. The burden of figuring this crazy wedding thing out shouldn’t fall solely on the client, we’re here to make it easy.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you play it?

Sheesh…every track eventually gets old. But then we just remix it to make it fresh again! I will say, it’s rare I get through a dance set without dropping some version of ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ by Whitney Houston. That song has incredible staying power and every generation knows it.


Client Testimonial

The DJ makes or breaks the wedding reception, and DJ Bigg H with Amp’d Entertainment is simply the best. As a DJ myself, choosing a wedding DJ was my call – and I’m VERY picky. What’s nice about Amp’d Entertainment is that they host FREE events where you can see/hear your DJ perform well before you make your choice… but guaranteed whomever you choose to do your Remix’d Wedding, it will be the best night of your life! We had in-depth discussions on song selections where he interjected his own ideas without being overbearing – he let us ultimately decide whilst simultaneously providing professional expertise and guidance in our choices. DJ Bigg H showed up early, setup both an outdoor ceremony setup and his indoor rig and had plenty of time to mic up our officiant. When we had questions about the weather and his ability to change setup location due to rain, he was flexible and professional. Did I mention he’s a professional?

Seriously – don’t skimp in this area of your wedding budget… SPLURGE. People might remember what the side item or what flavor your cake was – chances are they won’t… but they will CERTAINLY remember the DJ (for better or worse)! Make the right choice – hire Amp’d Entertainment. They know what they’re doing and how to throw a party.

Client Testimonial

DJ Hollon of Amp’d Entertainment killed it at our wedding. He was awesome! First, he took the time to get to know us and figure out what kind of music we are into – not just for a party but in our lives and what kind of vibe we wanted for our wedding reception. He gave us great suggestions in general for our reception and we ended up doing exactly what he suggested for most of it. My husband and I are really into indie rock but we know that most of our guests are not so we were just going to go with hip-hop/ pop ‘crowd pleasers’ for our wedding but DJ Hollon told us he could work in what we were into and he did! It was amazing to hear QOTS, Weezer, the Ramones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and some of our other favorites during our reception. And of course, he used all the hip-hop/ dance crowd pleasers we wanted and remixed them so they felt fresh and new and cool. There was never a lull on the dancefloor, it was awesome. DJ Hollon really knows how to get a party started and keep it going and he’s also really, really nice. If we ever throw another party that requires a DJ we would for sure hire him and Amp’d again.


Client Testimonial

Amp’d Entertainment (and Hollon specifically) are the BEST. You need to look no further and hire these guys! If you love all kinds of music and want your wedding to have a SOUL, Hollon is your man. Writing a review for Hollon won’t even do this man justice. He is super talented, has an amazing personality, and loves music! Seriously, we met with another DJ who didn’t like to listen to music – so watch out! ? I’ve had so many guests compliment Hollon’s DJ genius – and we just got married on Friday! Guests were dancing up to me (because Hollon had them out of their seats) to tell me how much they loved “the DJ”. The moment we met with Hollon we knew he was the perfect DJ for our wedding. What we thought was going to be a 20 minute conversation turned into 5 hours of drinking and talking music, politics and pop culture. We could have spent even more time with him but I guess 5.5 hours would be “too much”! HA! Curious about his dedication?
Hollon agreed to work our wedding, even though he had an incredibly important family milestone to celebrate. There are no words to describe just how professional, awesome, dedicated, energetic, and musically talented Hollon is. You should listen to the Amp’d guys when they play around town – you will not be disappointed. My now husband said it best: “An epic night! I’m speechless with Hollon’s amazing setup which led to legendary dance-offs this world may never see again. Rebecca and I are forever in your debt.” It is true, we are forever in Hollon’s debt. Did I say how awesome he is? Bottomline: Hire Amp’d Entertainment and Hollon. Believe me, your guests will thank you for the epic night.

–Rebecca & Justin