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TWW Events is a premier event planning company that specializes in designing creative and memorable environments for any wedding or social event.


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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Planners in Phoenix Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jacque, from #TWWEVENTS.

Where have you been featured?

We have been featured in print: AZ Weddings Wedding Chronicle and Phoenix Bride and Groom. We have also been featured on wedding blogs including The Knot.

Why do couples love working with you?

I think couples love working with us for the core competencies we provide to each of our clients (not to mention our amazing ability to calm nerves!). I think our compassion, our desire to listen more than talk, mediation skills, experience, and organization truly set us apart.

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful and emotional events in life. Providing our clients with empathy and understanding of what they are going through is key to a stress-free and happy engagement. We will mediate issues that may arise, employ creativity to make their event one-of-a-kind, and extend honest and clear communication to ensure every detail has been taken care of. We provide our clients with honest, tried and true advice to set the stage for the absolute BEST.DAY.EVER.

What do you love most about being a wedding planner?

There are very few things that satisfy me as much as knowing I have helped to create a magical wedding day. Call me a hopeless romantic, but there is just something so special about being able to curate someone’s love story – even if it’s only for a day.

100% the best part of the job is working with the clients. I’m not just saying that – at the end of the day, it will always be the connections I make from spending weeks and months helping a couple plan the best day of their lives! I also love the details. Truer words have never been spoken…details aren’t the details – they are the design. I love all the special touches, hidden surprises, and the wow factor. It’s the details that make the day! It’s so rewarding to partner with a vendor and combine forces to make our client’s day exceptional! I love the reaction of the couple seeing all the hard work of planning and making 10,000 decisions come together on the wedding day!

Most importantly, the lifelong friendships that develop. Every wedding I have done, I have remained friends with the couples. Even if it’s just on social media, I adore seeing couples have babies, go on vacation, receive promotions. I feel a special bond to each couple and I celebrate every milestone in their journey and love that they are also cheering me on!

How did you get started?

We had a big dream which we started talking about at a BBQ 15 years ago and then we turned that into a reality. We always laugh that it started in the backyard.

What 3 words best describe your company?

Reliable, Creative, Consistent.

What is your favorite part of the wedding planning process?

Helping clients keep their eye on the prize. I don’t love weddings (umm, I said, WHAT?!) – hear me out first! I don’t love weddings AS MUCH as I love a good, healthy marriage.

There will be times throughout the wedding process that one person will want to spend more money on something than the other person does. There also will be times when your invite guest list can’t be agreed on – and once you guys do settle on that, finding the right table arrangements with your guest list can cause stress. I love helping couples stay focused on the big picture. Your wedding day is just the start to your forever together – I love being able to take the details of your wedding day seriously, without allowing those details to become a serious wedge in your relationship.

What budget range do you cater to?

Seeing as every client that walks through our door has their own unique viewpoint of their event and how much should be allocated to their special day, we work clients within all budget ranges. Whether an intimate affair for 25 or a cliffside retreat for 100, we are thrilled for every new client to visit our studio and share with us their excitement and how they envision their day!


Client Testimonial

Kathy & Jacque truly are my fairy godmothers. In 6 months (of me being in a different state too), they planned and flawlessly executed my wedding- a wedding beyond the one I would dream about. It was truly perfect, and all because of Thee Wedding & Event Warehouse. TWW took care of EVERYTHING- from finding, contacting, and organizing vendors, to managing contracts and payments, to keeping me on track with to-do items, managing hotel blocks, keeping everyone in the loop, planning the rehearsal dinner, creating the day-of-timeline to the very minute, meeting with me whenever I could go to Arizona, putting up with my 100 text messages/emails a day, handling all the misc. items I had for the wedding, coordinating the wedding day in perfection, and handling everything post-wedding too, they have done EVERYTHING!

For me, the wedding planning process and the actual wedding day were so joyful and effortless because I knew they had everything under control. I did not have to figure ANYTHING out the day of- I simply enjoyed every second of it and for that, I AM FOREVER grateful. I felt like a guest at my own wedding- I did nothing to make it happen yet through TWW, it was all magically executed. I’m telling you, they are fairy godmothers!!!! Now let’s talk about rentals and florals. To say I fell in love with my florals is an understatement. THEY ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ARRANGEMENTS I HAVE EVER SEEN.

I am SO picky and had no idea what I wanted. Poor Jacque dealt with my changes day in and day out yet somehow she understood what I wanted while I myself did not and she learned so much about me that she made the florals reflect who I am. She is SO talented! All the decor was beautiful as well- even things I did not ask for, they did because that is how amazing they are. The rentals were all beautiful and I would recommend it all! Linens, centerpieces, chairs, jars, everything- they have so much for you to choose from. Truly, truly, I say to every future bride, hiring TWW is the single best decision you can make for your wedding. If you want to be present at it, to enjoy it, to know people you can trust are in control of it, to know that they care for your every need when it comes to the wedding, to know they understand your vision and will work relentlessly to make it happen, is PRICELESS. With all my heart, I recommend Kathy and Jacque and their MAGNIFICENT work. Fairy godmothers, I love you! Thank you for making my special day a reality.

Client Testimonial

The ladies at TWW are simply amazing! I was planning an out-of-state wedding at The Wigwam and immediately was told I should consider talking to the TWW team. From the moment I started working with Kathy, she took over and handled all of the vendor communication and helped coordinate every detail of our wedding perfectly and seamlessly (invitations, welcome bags, transportation, rehearsal dinner, spa day, rentals, catering, hair and makeup, DJ, and day of – just to name a FEW of the things she handled!) I can honestly say that hiring her to plan and do day of coordination was the best decision that I made.

Working with Jacque was absolutely amazing as well. She designed the most gorgeous bouquets and table settings that I have ever seen! She has an incredible eye for detail and didn’t miss a single thing for our rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception! She is so talented & can bring any vision you have to light. I would recommend these gals, and their entire team, to anyone! Everything was absolutely perfect with their expertise!

Client Testimonial

Kathy was amazing to work with and helped us coordinate every small detail of our big Indian wedding. It was a multi-event wedding weekend with lots of unique aspects and complexities, and it went off without a hitch thanks to Kathy. She is incredibly detail oriented and she made sure that every minute of our wedding weekend went smoothly. She and Carrie were both there on the day of and we cannot thank them enough for their hard work!! They even made sure that our dinner plates were made and set on our table before the reception, and even moved our luggage from our ready rooms to our wedding suite. Highly, highly recommend Thee Wedding and Event Warehouse for wedding planning/coordinating.