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Boundless Weddings’ high-end photography and cinema expertly balances fine art perfection with relationship storytelling like no other wedding photography company in Toronto.

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Editor’s Note: for this Best Wedding Photographers in Toronto Spotlight, we had the pleasure of interviewing Jason, from Boundless Weddings.

What are some commonly overlooked considerations couples should remember when budgeting for their wedding photos?

Wedding photography represents a high percentage of your overall wedding budget. This is simply because it’s a very skill-based position with high equipment value and years of training and experience to be a good photographer. But for some, the bottom line is price (which I get, I’m a to-be-groom myself). Here’s where the overlook happens. We will have customers only ask for the ceremony and photo session covered to try to save a few dollars. Yes, it’s true it can take approx. 50% of the total cost of your photographer, but at what REAL cost. Although you’re able to dip the total wedding cost down, you may be missing out on memories and family heirlooms that will never be able to be recreated! This goes for videography too! Although it’s a big cost now, you will NEVER regret your decision to capture these impossible-to-replace memories when you are celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary. (“…Remember ‘selfies’”). Don’t go for ‘cheap’ and never never never say you don’t ‘need’ videography – you will almost certainly regret that decision after your wedding day. (Yes, photos are a great way to remember a second in the day, but what was your father’s speech about again?)

Although I’m a bit biased, I find that your wedding day goes by so fast with so many moments that seem to vanish, video and photos become so important for the sake of recalling your day. Don’t worry, money will come back – your wedding memories won’t.

What do you like most about weddings where an experienced wedding planner is involved?

The most notable benefit to working with a couple that has opted to hire a wedding planner is our ability to very quickly see the big picture of their day. A professional wedding planner creates a very diligent well thought out schedule for the couple that leaves no questions for the photographers and we can effectively take it and run! As a wedding photographer, I’m always considering shots, lights, angles and the next location to bring our couple to! When there is a ‘flimsy’ plan in place, it forces me into a coordinator role (checking times, considering travel times etc…).  Although this isn’t a problem as I am a WPIC certified wedding planner myself I feel that I should be focused on the memories of the customer rather than the flow of the day.

Another benefit is the communication! I LOVE working with wedding planners to create some awesome concepts for my customers! I will often try to set up a coffee with them prior to the wedding date and throw around ideas and professional considerations! Should we be shooting at a location that I have never been to before, most likely the planner has, and can provide some amazing insight prior to my initial site visit! Plus, talking to a planner about a wedding gives me a third party look into what motivates and drives our customer! The planner spends countless hours with them, and they can give me some tips and insights that the couple may not consider to tell me, but it’s VERY important to them. For example, I worked with a couple in April whom loved ‘How I Met Your Mother’ sooooo much! The couple didn’t tell me about it, but their designated wedding planner did. (Seriously, where would that have come out). Because we were doing a Same-Day-Edit video, I decided to take the opening credits from the show and create a customized video with them and their friends! They LOVED it!

Communication is what makes my role as the wedding photographer better, and a good wedding planner is all about communication! Win-Win Team!