3 Tips for Spectacular Wedding Food

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3 Tips for Spectacular Wedding Food

Great advice from one of Vancouver’s top wedding caterers

Weddings are special celebrations and we take pride in being a part of them – often the thing people remember the most is the food! We love to take as much stress and complication out of this process as possible for our couples and really let them enjoy their day. 

We have an outstanding team that takes pride in working with clients to execute on their vision. We specialize in memorable culinary experiences tailored to each couple, which we feel is an important connection for a day as special as a wedding.

-Drew Munro, Drew’s Catering & Events

What tips do you have for wedding catering on a budget?


We always recommend our clients to spend “smart money” on their events. Offer a more simple, but filling menu and don’t cut back on service or drinks! Long after your wedding is over people will remember the experience and the way they felt. Service is extremely important in achieving that, and even if things don’t go perfectly, if the drinks are flowing – small mistakes tend to float away!


What advice do you have regarding guests’ dietary restrictions, allergies, etc.?


I always recommend couples to never work with a caterer that treats their guests’ dietary restrictions as an unnecessary headache. Accommodating dietary restrictions is a part of a caterer’s job and these guests should be met with the same experience and service level as guests without. Ask to see their vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free options in advance.


What are a few ideas that can really help the culinary experience stand out for guests?


Choose your caterer carefully and give them direction to allow them to execute for you. Put a bit of yourself into the menu and add a personal connection. Enjoyed a favorite dish while traveling to Italy (where he proposed) – ask the caterer to interpret this on the menu and tell the story to your guests. These are the little things that make a wedding special and your caterer should allow you to deliver this experience to your loved ones on this special day.





*Special thanks to Drew from Drew’s Catering & Events for providing this helpful information.



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