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We take the guesswork out of finding great wedding vendors

WeddingsInTheCity.com is a curated guide featuring some of the best wedding vendors in North America. We streamline the vendor research process so you can get on with actually planning your wedding. Instead of providing a list of every vendor in each city, we showcase only the most reputable and reliable wedding professionals.

Our mission is to help you find professional and reliable vendors quickly and easily. By listing only the most reputable vendors in each city, you can save hours of preliminary research. You can save even more time narrowing it down by reading through our candid interviews and getting a sense of which wedding pros might be a good fit.

Vendors do not pay to be profiled on WeddingsInTheCity.comCompanies are pre-screened based on criteria that considers: company reputation and background, experience, reviews, testimonials, media coverage, complaints, company age, social media pages, website review, posting professionalism/appropriateness, number of followers on social media, number of positive/negative reviews on the various platforms online, trade show participation, awards, endorsements, advertising history and search engine rankings.

We don’t recommend who to work with, but our candid interviews can help you get a sense of each wedding pro’s personality and style. When someone catches your eye, just click ‘Add to Favorites’. You can view your list by clicking ‘My Faves’ in the top menu.

The vendor’s full contact info is included in the profile so you can immediately contact the vendor directly for more info.

We also feature a library of helpful Wedding Planning Tips and Tools from respected wedding pros across North America.

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